Monday, December 29, 2008

Well-Wishes Via Facebook

i love facebook. it is by far the best social network that helps renew ol ties and strengthen current friendships. my friend put went to do her masters in durham uk and suggested that i registered for an account. darn you, put! i'm freakin addicted now!

what follows are well-wishes from friends and families on the birth of our new prince, Kahfi.

put my classmate & good gal pal who just completed her masters in law - guess i have a back-up unit just in case i decided to break the law. kak arin my gal pal back in melbourne days and JUST had a baby girl too and kak lala is yong's classmate in ol convent days. thank you, guys.

yong! i'm waiting the day kahfi can meet husna too!!! the first sharifuddin's grandkids born on the same year. aisha and zaharah aka zaza my batchmates in uia and buddy abby my unimate - we both went to melbourne uni. thank you all!

rini, my cousin (i crash at her place for spaghetti n nasi ayam countless times!), fauziah my junior and coursemate in uia - now staying in dubai too, lovely cik - my mak's youngest sister and fatimah my ol ol friend back in my primary school years who has 2 little girls herself! thank you bunches!

abg mat - yong's husband, jo and mohana - the bestest work buddy anyone can ever have and nurin the only buddy i can hang out with for theaters back in melbourne days. thank you peeps!

syaira aka yaya or kaya or buaya or malaya is my gila cousin, anneeza and syu my dear just10 buddies of mgs days (i'll have a posting soon just for just10, k?) and izwan the charming pilot i knew in melbourne. thank you, man!

suz my wacky bunkmate in uia, kak saniah yong's convent buddy & our neighbourhood friend yang sama2 gi terawih tapi terkekek2 and jessica my classmate in mgs. thank you a bundle!

anis and quilla, friends i got to know while in melbourne and rozy and mardzuani, my mgs pals. thank you girls!

yom, an ol friend from rapat setia, ezza my batchmate in uia, uncle rosli my enigmatic uncle and jennifer, my work buddy who just had a baby girl, caitlyn. thank you everyone!

syida, syima and syimee - 3 of 5 sharifuddin girls. syida, an eccentric question mark of a girl who's doin her masters in deakin uni. syima, a mad scientist working on some microbiology thingy while doin her masters in upm. syimee my yong, a purdue graduate who just got tired of the rat race and currently opted for the slow-paced teaching job at raja perempuan school. azi my youngest sister experienced high fever, vomit episodes and constant visit to the toilet so she had not gone online in recent days. love you guys and miss you so much!

zuraidah aka wai is my best bud niraku's workmate in utp, dora my sweetest s'wakian workmate, mei kuan and thilaga my classmates in mgs and another just10 gal pal, doc safira who is expecting a baby girl soon! thank you ladies!

hani, my flaky just10 buddy and kak we, my bunkmate in uia. thank you, you two!

in his facebook, mr khairul was not short of well-wishes himself.

tina and kay, mr. khairul's younger siblings. thank you!

thank you for all others who called and sent congratulatory notes through sms, e-mails and other means of communication. thanks a bunch for those who left little messages in my blog. also those who sent in flowers! i haven't received any pigeons with messages tied to their feet but so far it has been overwhelming.

thank you all from the bottom of my heart - not just for the messages, but for the very thought that, cliche as it may sound, really really counts.

baby kahfi is doing very well except for the occasional tantrums and plans to escape from being bundled tightly - mr khairul called it 'doing the hulk'.

thank you again. take a bow and pat yourself on the back for making someone happy today.



Anonymous said...

Tahniah semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu. leh la dapat menantu arab tak lama lagi

-Faizal Y

Syigim said...

thanks, faizal :)

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