Friday, December 26, 2008

Kahfi at Home

when we first arrived back home from the hospital, i proudly told mr khairul how well-behaved kahfi was at the hospital - hardly any noise, barely temperamental and i even had to wake him up for feeding.

"dia nak kasi can je tu.." replied mr. khairul.

how true.

the one on the first night
for he did not give me ANY chance of sleep on the very first night at home! i barely put him down for few minutes of winks when he squeeked and demanded food again! i put my head down for 5mins and i can hear the ooks and eeks once more. it was a real challenge!

the one on the second day
however, he did cut me some slack on the 2nd night - at least i had a good 2hrs of sleep! yawn! he was a sleepy yawny baby and i got my long-awaited rest!

the one on his baby garb
we did buy a bunch of excessively adorable clothes - including one that reads 'little devil' (you'll see) for kahfi but we're saving that for when he's ready to go out to see the world. for now we're stuck at home (yeah, you and me both kahfi!) so i dress kahfi up with hand-me-downs from khaleef and his cousin haiqal.

when i had khaleef in 2005, i spent the final 2 weeks of my confinement at my eldest sister's house. it was so much fun having a whole huge room all to myself, with yong's boys going up to see (read : disturb) the baby and yong's maid 'makcik' making yummy lauk. yong gave me tons of haiqal and haqeem's ol baby clothes and napkins for khaleef to use.

kahfi menggayakan baju abang haiqal

and now kahfi is using them! here is kahfi happily (and sleepily) modeling one of bro haiqal's ol baby clothes.

thanks yong. i got a whole bag of them!

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Arin said...

senang la..kahfi pakai abg dia nye..same goes wit zara..pakai kakak dia nye..baju yang dibeli..untuk kuar umah je..btw, kak arin dah kuar umah..and everybody was like "bukan arin baru 9 hari bersalin ke..?"kehkehkeh....

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