Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Big Bro Khaleef meets Little Kahfi

Khaleef welcomes a brother into the world at precisely 01.44am dubai time on the 23rd of december 2008 in dubai hospital. The cutest thing was he pointed at my tummy and asked, " where?"

* months before Kahfi came, we prepared Khaleef by just pointing to my buldging tummy and asked, "who's this?" Khaleef would answer, " baby" then i would point to him, and ask the same question, and he would proudly say, " abang!"

and then they met.

mr khairul took Kahfi and put him in my arms. Khaleef looked curiously. amazed-curiously. Kahfi immediately opened his eyes and made eek-ook sounds, while Khaleef looked on.

"diorang tgh communicate tu.." mr khairul said. it was the cutest moment in a life of a mom and dad.

Khaleef proceeded to observe Kahfi for a second before saying, "hello baby.." and then the excitement grew. he approached closer and was very amused with Kahfi's features that he decided to name the parts - "ni babynye nose. ni babynye mouth.." and then Khaleef poked Kahfi's closed eyelid! "ni, ni babynye eyes.." hey! both of us freaked out and cautioned him to be 'gentle' with Kahfi.

"kalo dah 3 tahun nanti bole la ko terajang dia.." mr khairul and his 'brotherly-love' talk.

Khaleef continued to 'experiment' with Kahfi - touching his fingers, his forehead - gently now - and then plant a kiss on Kahfi's forehead. Khaleef's smile when he did that tells all - he's gonna be a wonderful brother. abusive, of course. bullying, definitely, cari gaduh and berebut toys, sudah semestinya - but wonderful.


now i have two boys!

Khaleef Khairul and Kahfi Khairul - play nice and be good boys, ok!

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Arin said...

alhamdulillah..i guess..after syigim baca pasal kak arin bersalin..ur baby inside pon nak cepat2 kuar gak kan? :)

khaleef dah officially jadik abang..

congrats syigim n khairul!

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