Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Tale From the Land of Kay : Brotherly Love

once upon a time, in a faraway land where McD is the staple food and not listening to anuar zain was an offence, a young prince was born. he was named Prince Kahfi. he had a brother named Prince Khaleef, the heir to the throne of Kay. Prince Khaleef was spoilt and selfish - and threw his lego parts out the palace window in his spare time. he did not like his new brother one tiny bit.

but then, one winter morning something historical happened when they were left alone in the king's carriage. it was enough that Prince Kahfi had now taken over the entire section of the passenger seat (which used to be the place where Prince Khaleef jumped around and do amature somersault), he had to be content in sitting in front, strapped to a seat-belt! it was the ultimate humliation to be confined as such! that just won't do!

just when Prince Khaleef was contemplating a remedy to his unfortunate situation of not being the baby anymore, he heard a cry. it started soft; a squeeky whine coming from the tiny bundle. Prince Khaleef looked on nonchalantly, unmoved by the sound. secretly he was reciting a spell to turn his brother into a lego set. then it became louder and sharper, in a crescendo.

"cry all you want - see if i care.." Prince Khaleef was too sleepy. he had missed his morning dose of mickey mouse clubhouse and was moody and pissed off. the crying continued and persisted. finally Prince Kahfi opened his mouth loud enough and the loudest scream escaped his lungs.

something in the ultimate scream triggered a small part of Prince Khaleef. he hated to admit it, he was feeling a little sorry - sorry that he did not have any earmuffs to block the annoying sound! he tried to think of ways to shut Prince Kahfi up. it was done purely out of selfishness. he was getting tired of hearing all that racket!

and then he found his old fluffy ball!

"hmm. this is my ball. mine. not yours. belonged to me. i am the owner. but i think it would keep you busy enough to stop making that awful noise." Prince Khaleef stared at his ball and was hesistant a bit to let Prince Kahfi have it.

"wait, i think there's a little bit of dust here. i wouldn't want know...sneeze or anything.." and then he realized what he just said - "..wait, i'm not supposed to care! here! go ahead, take it - i'll tell mom and dad you snatched it from me!"

Prince Khaleef had wanted to share his toy! sharing is one of those things that used to be an alien thing in Prince Khaleef's life, and Prince Kahfi had brought out that trait from him.

Prince Khaleef handed over the ball and still Prince Kahfi cried.


Prince Khaleef was out of ideas! he finally whispered loudly - "fine! you listen here, you little punk. i've figured it out and i'm gonna do something i've never done before. i'll do it this one and final time only! and you have to stop this ruckus ok!" Prince Khaleef looked left and right, making sure no one was watching.

"..and i am warning you, do not - i repeat DO NOT repeat this to anyone. not even mom and dad. this never happened. i never did anything, capisce?"

Prince Kahfi was not listening. he was busy ook eek-ing.

Prince Khaleef looked around one last time - and plant a soft peck on Prince Kahfi's forehead. he kissed his little brother. it was the most endearing thing he had ever done in his life for anyone.

something magical happened. Prince Khaleef felt...strange. but wonderful.

..and Prince Kahfi stopped crying!

"i love you, little brother." Prince Khaleef was slowly falling into a pleasant sleep. "you know i've always loved you.."

yawn! and they slept together, side by side. and so it was in the land of Kay, the two brothers united in love and care on the wonderful day of maal hijrah, living happily ever after.

may this new year brings us closer to friends and families; mending ties and strengthens bonds!

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ziera said...

haaa... sweetnyer cara khaleef treat baby kahfi

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