Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pearly Showers in Dubai

It rained in Dubai this morning!

Started with a cool morning breeze as soon as I opened the window. No, wait. It was already quite mendung first. We were getting ready to go for breakfast @ the mamak. Then it drizzles.

Heavier showers started. No, this is boring. It's like weather report.

Lemme just tell you that when it rains in Dubai, it makes the news. Reasons being:

1> It seldom rains in Dubai (duuh!)
2> Because it seldom rains, Dubai doesn't prepare itself to face heavy showers, thus have BAD drainage system, ergo - flood happens
3> Because it seldom rains, people in Dubai still drives like (msian driver?) constipated maniacs, resulting in accidents and super-massive jams because they're not trained to drive in heavy storm

..err, and THAT wasnt a weather report?

Back to the rain that I experienced - Soon fat droplets of rain fell on the sun roof of our car. And it was getting really cold...

So........for the first time since I've been to Dubai, I had to use a powerful tool that expands from the size of a torchlight (if folded with utmost expertise) blooming into something that mushrooms and protects us from the sun and rain, sacrificing itself to the heat and moisture.

I used an umbrella.

Moral of the story : Appreciate your umbrella.

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The Rain Man said...

taken from Gulfnews (Dec7th2009)

* Wednesday, December 3 - 6.7mm
* Thursday, December 4 - 20.4mm
* Friday, December 5 - 0.4mm
* Saturday, December 6 - 11mm
* Sunday, December 7 - 1.6mm

* Record rainfall in December (1995): 130.6mm
* Record rainfall on any one day (1996): 73mm

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