Friday, December 5, 2008

Niraku in Dubai

3am, Mr Khairul woke me up.

"Niraku dah touchdown.."

..and we went. I was in my pajamas. Ok, stop me there. Niraku has the pictures.

When I saw her I couldn't believe my eyes. She's really here. In fact, Mr. Khairul was the first to spot her. I was still blinking and trying to focus. Probably because it's 3 in the morning.

We went straight home, a comforter and A LOT of pillows thrown on the plush carpet for our golek2-gossip session. Conversation ranged from updates of other friends, her adventurous life in London and my new challenges in Dubai. I fried some beef popiah I had made earlier and we continued while munching.

She slept. Everybody slept - it was nearly 12 when we woke up! Got ready for nasi mandy! And of course, Niraku loved it. We ordered THREE plates! Man! Then golek2 in the mandy *camp* talking about our future trip to London! I wanna go to Stratford Upon Avon (for obvious reasons - google it up!) while Mr. Khairul insist on going to Florence. Yeah, we'll see!

Niraku wanted something historical - but no museum trips. She said "..I'm on holiday so I don't want anything heavy." Museum?

Nways, the last time I went to Bastakiya was at night and now I could see it in a different light, literally. I enlightened Niraku with the history of Bastakiya, one I had just read from Wikipedia. We took nice long walk since the weather was FANTABULOUS as it was windy and coooooooling. She was very impressed and praised me for my amazing knowledge of the place. Ok, I add the last part.

The initial plan was to dump us here and Mr Khairul would pick us up 2-3 hours later. Changed of plan - Mr Khairul joined in, since Khaleef was already snoozing in the car all the way from Bastakiya. Niraku turned out quite the master bargainer - and got me good deal on pashminas! Should be the other way around, right?

Freshen up. Toilet. Check mail. Packed. You get the picture.

Mr Khairul took us along Sheikh Zayed Road while pumping in information on the history of Dubai's development in the last 10 years - which also includes the constructions of great buildings like Burj Dubai and the palm islands. Yawn! Niraku, being a major in geo-tech engineering, added some of her thoughts on the subject.

Felt like I was filming a National Geographic episode gone wrong. Hihi.

We stopped at Burj Al-Arab and took pictures. The lights illuminating the hotel build on man-made island were yellowish. Supposed to turn red or purple. Did not. Tired of waiting. Left. Then I saw it was purple. Geez.

Our plan to take her to see Dubai Marina (future home, God willing) and Atlantis fell short since I felt a pang of hunger (more like drums and rebana, gendang - the works) and could not would not wait a minute more!

I just had to take a friend here (you too, of course Syida). Niraku is not THAT much of a fan (yeah, you're freakier, Syida. WE are) but it's just where good friends hang out. I just had to bring her here.

It was full! There was only one set of chairs at a corner near the counter. NOT good enough. One selfish dude took up the whole place where the orange sofa was. I mean, that corner could seat up to SIX person (read: chandler, rachel, joey, phoebe, ross, monica) and there he was, sitting all by himself in the middle of the orange sofa. He was browsing the net on his notebook so we didn't think he would leave anytime soon.

Fortunately, some dudes over at the same place I sat when I first came her, left - so we had a nice corner right at the signboard over the cafe's window. Perfect.

Never a goodbye for us two. If I don't see her in Dubai when my baby comes, I'd see her in London end of next year when we take the baby for his first major holiday 'jalan-jalan Europe'.

Until then, buddy.
Hope you had fun.
I certainly did.

Miss you already.

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