Thursday, December 4, 2008

Raise The Curtain

Welcome to the *world premier* of y’all!

As I’ve mentioned again and again, my sisters Azi and Syida were the masterminds behind the yummy yellow layout of my blog – one I have been waiting for sooo long ever since Azi’s term break and when Syida said she’s leaving Melbourne for the holidays.

Why the color – yellow has always, always been my fav color – though I always insist that I DO NOT wear yellow. Just doesn’t suit the color of my toes. Wait, don't you think that my blog is too - beeish?

azi, yong, syima, syida & me

The pictures you see on the sides speak for themselves: You see picture of us *Party of Five*, Sharifuddin Sisters – Syazrin Syimee, Syazrin Syigim, Syazrin Syima, Syazrin Syida and Nazirah. Why the last one is without a ‘Syazrin’? I’ll save it in another post, or you can just go to her blog! The only clue I’m leaving you with is my mak’s name is Noriza, which starts with an ‘N’. Geddit?

with abah waiting for a tram in melbourne

Then you see a shot of me and my abah – a workaholic engineer and successful businessman but most of all, he’s just my father!

* mine *

Then there is of course, a shot of my love and my life; Khairul and my little Khaleef. Currently awaiting the Iatest addition to the ‘Kay’ klan – I’m keeping the name till the last minute, k...

Then I have the usual widgets ("man, she's gonna give us a round-down on the WIDGETS???" hey cammon, gimme a break – I’m super-excited here) everybody needs a clock (gone bonkers though – can’t seem to decide whether it wants to show the dubai time or msia time..)

Next, a space where you can leave brick-bats and such. Be kind! And yes, you! Yes, you reading this - pick your lazy fingers and move some letters on the keyboard and leave a message!

Following that is my facebook *badge*. I am absolutely into facebooking too so I just had to have this added to my blog. Are you in my friends list yet?

More than anything, I love to read the books that I love – does that make sense? I’m not one of those ‘readers’ who reads everything under the sun from the one that made the bestseller list to the latest autobiography or a travel journal. I have my few fav authors and I just stick to that. I remember my office-mate Haida made me read ‘Life of Pi’ which is so unlike me – to try NEW things...Oh where was I? Oh yeah, so there it is a list of my fav authors. Anybody else reads them too?

Moving on – I paste the widget for fun – I’m all for words. Words, words, words.

Since I’m expecting Kay jr jr anytime soon, the blog wouldn’t be complete without a countdown – I chose this one coz this is the only one that I found that’s without a freaky animation of the baby in the womb. Just freaks me out, man. Can’t they like, make it, like you know, cute? Hello? It’s a b a b y...

William Shakespeare

Now scroll down...down...further down...There - see those dead poets with words someone care to remember and write them down coz they think it means something deep? I’m a literature and linguistics major – so my blog wouldn’t be SYIGIM without a literary quotation shoved up somewhere somehow. Have fun and give it a thought...

Ok, welcome to my blog and do come visit often!

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liyana azmi said...

kak gigim....i love i love i love your blog!!! The background is fabulous and quirky just like you! Insya Allah I'll be your loyal follower, take care dear!!

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