Thursday, December 25, 2008

Kahfi Got His Arabic Birth Cert

mr khairul went out today to settle few pending matters; our new apartment in dubai marina and kahfi's birth certificate.

in UAE, to register the birth of a newborn, mr khairul prepared 3 important documents:

  • original copy of parents' passports
  • copy of *attested marriage certificate
  • discharged letter from hospital of mother & child (in our case, dubai hospital)

the procedure is as thus:

  1. go to a counter in that hospital where your baby is born, which issues arabic birth cert (ask around for directions!)
  2. hand over the documents
  3. receive arabic birth cert immediately
sempoi gile!

mr khairul paid 60dhs for the service and it took about 10 minutes only. make sure the name of your child is spellable in arabic - kahfinye ejaan arabic of course easy pizzy - so the process was smooth.

now that kahfi has got an arabic birth certificate, mr khairul must go to the preventive medicine department at al-baraha hospital - for only in this place they will provide the translated version of the arabic birth cert. (why does this sound like an 'amazing race' episode?)

this would cost us another 50-60dhs.

mr khairul did go at 2pm but it was already closed. better go in the morning!

according to the dubai gov portal website, the english birth cert must then be taken to the ministry of health counter at the same hosp to get it *attested.

finally, mr khairul should be checking with our malaysia consulate to confirm citizenship and to apply a passport for kahfi!

all of these stuff must be done within 30 days after birth.

* to make sure it is genuine

oh, by the by - according to this birth certificate, my name is 'sizrin sihim sharifuddin'. peachy.

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Fauziah said...

that's come come your name got spelled like that...

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