Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello 2009, Goodbye 2008

is it that time of year again?
time to make new resolutions?
time to reflect on past mistakes?
time to rejoice on recent successes?
time to forgive?
time to forget?
time to reminisce?
time to change?

being critical of oneself
  1. i try not to be too hard on khaleef. i am an absolute witch when it comes to disciplining him. he has had it hard enough with a new baby in the family to deal with a psychotic mom running around. also without any other vocabulary than, "khaleef, no!"
  2. i will try new recipes. being a full time homemaker now has given me the gift of time. use it!
  3. i will...i will...i will tell you when i think of anything else...

resolve to do something i would normally do anyway
  1. keep fit post-pregnancy. i am under pantang anyway.
  2. walk more. i am not driving in dubai anyway, and living in dubai marina soon would give me the gift of space (wow, i have a gift of space AND time - in the words of chandler - i can get those two together and make a continuum..)
  3. write more! do what you love. now i have a blog anyway.

food resolution
  1. i am proud to report that my 2008 resolution was to eat less McD - and i did! i couldn't believe it myself - as i'm a McD freak - but it shows nothing is impossible! (but don't ask me to give up on mandy rice just yet..)
  2. i will drink milk! good for mommy, good for baby, good for milk company.
  3. i will eat yoghurt. NOT!

sneaky resolution
get mr khairul to buy me a bigger ikea bookrack. period.

a new year message to mr khairul
honey, we have been through quite a mix of sunshine and hailstorm in 2008 - we braved it, got through it and i know it made us stronger than ever. i love you always!

2008 also witness us growing up as a young family - we bought a house in the beautiful alam budiman. we made so many plans for the house and yet sacrifices had to be made. we left to brave a whole new world; dubai.

may 2009 brings joy and happiness, as we face another adventure in a foreign land, with a new addition to our family as we welcome baby Kahfi. as for Khaleef, he will start school this year - a big leap for our young man.

doakan kami, make doa for us - we wish our dear friends and family a very happy new year and may all your dreams come true.

Allah knows best!

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