Wednesday, December 17, 2008

She Beats Me!

kak arin & me - breathing in the summer breeze in melbourne

before you think this entry is about an abusive friend, lemme settle your mind that it's NOT - and i wanna tell you that a gal pal of mine, kak arin (we stayed together in malaysia hall melbourne) is as heavily pregnant (op, WAS heavily pregnant) as i am and after check-ups and ultra-sounds discovered that we have the SAME edd (estimated due date). give and take one or two days.

and she has given birth to a sweetie pie pwincess yesterday afternoon!

see! she beats me!

'zara aliyah' was welcomed by mommy and daddy along with kak long hanum. now she has two girls while i'm about to have two male terrorists around the house!

it's a mixed feeling of gladness of a safe and uncomplicated birth to a healthy baby - and slight fear and excitement that my turn would come just about any second soon!

any second now.

whenever you're ready, k jr jr. bapak has set up your crib and abang's baby garbs are nicely folded in your basket.

mak will be waiting.

in the meantime, i'm sending flowers and chocs and balloons down your way, kak arin - congratulations and hope to see your two girls soon!

1 comment:

Arin said...

syigim..akhirnya penantian ku dah it's ur turn..thank you for the nice entry!

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