Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The New Gang Member in the Kay Klan

ladies and gentlemen, friends and family; meet Kahfi Khairul, born 3.3kg on a crisp, cool dubai morning of 23rd december 2008 at 1.44am.

the day before was quite hectic. i was going in and out of the car about 8-10 times, looking at apartments around dubai marina as we were looking for a bigger place now that the baby is coming.

*for those not in the know - we've finally signed a lease to rent 'pearl of marina' apartment which overlooks the palm jumeirah and just walking distance to the beach across jumeirah beach residence and the walk.

the place is just fantastic. nways, i'm saving that for another day.

the one where the pain started
in the morning after i felt the first pang of contraction pain. called yong to confirm. after a lengthy description of possible contraction pains and a re-telling of her past labours (yong has 2 sons and a newborn daughter), i was convinced this could be IT.

the one where we first arrived
went to dubai hospital as soon as mr khairul got off work. upon arrival i was admitted to the emergency gyne ward and was told my opening was 3cm - which meant quite a long way to go still. they strapped me to the baby-heartbeat-checker thingy and told me if the contraction pain worsens, they would admit me - otherwise i could go home. it was already 8pm.

yeah, right! it was freakin throbbing every single vein in my tummy and i ain't goin nowhere!

the one where i waited
and so i was admitted, and from that emergency check-up room i was taken to maternity ward and was put in a 'waiting' room - when i'm 'ready' they would take me to the 'labour' room - all changed into hosp garb and the baby-heartbeat thingy strapped around my tummy again.

the pain worsens.

what was worse than the pain was that mr khairul had to wait with khaleef outside of the labor room. obviously kids are not allowed inside. thankfully there was a kind ol gramma nurse (who can't even speak proper english) urged mr khairul to go in for awhile to check me out and let khaleef be with her.

so for that few minutes i had an emotional, physical support - holding hands and squeezing his as the pain heightened. when he left, the pain became hell. and where the heck is the doc with my pain-relief injection! the nurse gave me the gas in the meantime - and i got all high...

just my luck that there was a clock right in front of me. my eyes afixed to the second hand - watching every inch as the pain came and went. hour after hour. after 12 midnight, i knew he would be born on the 23rd instead of 22nd.

mr khairul came in again and made silly jokes about the gas. i can't remember the details as i was dead stoned - but it was so comforting. he left again.

the one where Kahfi came out
this time the pain was excruciating. unbearable. inexplicable. well, excruciating, yes. now i can feel Kahfi pushing out - as the contraction pain heightened to the max. i had to buzz the nurse and when she checked me it was like code red - "prepare for delivery!!" and she continued to guide me through the delivery - all the pushing and breathing and pushing and slowing down and deep-breathing again...

it was so on-the-dot-on-a-hectic-day that no doc was available as they were attending to other patients! so - guess what - this sweet-natured nurse named sis Vasalma helped delivered the baby. she had been in service at dubai hospital for 25 years, as old as the hospital itself. in fact, when mr khairul interviewed her, she said she was there on the very opening day of dubai hospital. so, kahfi and i were in good hands!

back to my labor - i can FEEL everything! the lump of head trying to peek out, got stuck as i grew tired of pushing, then the pushing, the shoulder, pathway opening, stretching, body writhing in pain, pain, terrible pain..! and then.......i can feel an extreme sense of relief and surge of exhaustion as the last part of Kahfi left my womb.

..and i heard what was, arguably, one of the best sounds in the world - the first cry of a newborn member of the world. the first act of recognition to various stimuli around a new surroundings.

he was perfect.

i was dead tired and groggy but managed to whisper "call my my husband.." the nurse passed me the icky, gooey Kahfi and i said my first 'hello'. when he was finally cleaned up i gave him a good look - "you look just like your brother.."

mr khairul came, did a little 'dance of joy' and recite the azan upon Kahfi's teeny tiny ear.

khaleef? khaleef was asleep, poor thing. it was already nearly 2am. he didnt meet his little brother. mr khairul went with me to check out the room i was going to be in for the night, and left to get some rest. he had not even taken his dinner.

i love you bunches, honey!

tomorrow will be a brand new day.

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Anonymous said...

huhu..kak syigim, u can b a very good storyteller la..penceritaan bagus! i can feel d suspense especially d moment kak syigim nak deliver kahfi..heh

btw, i am now d mak teh for both of d cuties- big bro khaleef n his little kahfi.! tua2..huhu


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