Friday, December 19, 2008

Jalan-Jalan Jumeirah Beach

who's who?

it was an impromptu stop at the beach on our way to the mall of emirates. great weather - sun shining, cool breeze, calm waves - a perfect day to be out by the sea.

we were at the jumeirah beach, dubai.

let's play spot the places!
bur dubai - where we're currently staying
sheikh zayed road - where mr. khairul's office is
deira - where my fav mandy restaurant is - hafta cross a creek - see?

jumeirah beach is said to be the most famous and popular beach in dubai. it is a long stretch of beach on the arabian gulf. awesome landmarks include the most expensive hotel in the world - burj al-arab and the first man-made island; the palm jumeirah - which also houses the latest addition to dubai's posh hotels, the atlantis (just launched its 'opening' party attended by tons of celebrities, said to be the last *party* of the decade - org lain dah takde duit nak buat party gile gempak mcm tu!).

dubai in 2008
can you see burj al-arab at a distance in the pict with mr khairul & khaleef?

from where we stopped, we could see a blury burj al-arab and the atlantis from a great distance - yet we were still able to make out the shape since its so recognizable, especially the sail-shaped burj al-arab.

cars lined up along the beach side; quite a number yet it is not too crowded. the beach is just amazing - the clean white sand - you just wanna throw off your shoes the minute you set eyes on it. and the water - the water was just a sight-for-sore-eyes - a beautiful blue? gorgeous green? khaleef just went nuts and ran all the way to the end where the waves meet the sand.

then he went over the edge

..and dug up some beach sand

......then he threw some into the water.


khaleef. khaleef. khaleef.

we took out the beach ball and mr khairul hit some shots with khaleef. then khaleef went back to throwing dug-up beach sand into the water. he wore his ben10 bday t-shirt - if not for that i'm sure he would have jumped right in.

speaking of jumping right in - noone was seen swimming in the water - it was too cold! (dubai slowly entering its winter season right now) the breeze was enough to chill us to the bone - let alone jumping into the sea-water. khaleef would turn up mr ice-man...

dubai in 2005
abah rilek je kat jumeirah beach hotel

actually i've been to jumeirah beach few years back with abah and my sisters on our holiday trip to dubai. it was right before i got engaged - bought some kain to make the baju pengantin. only yong didn't join us for this trip - i think it's because her second born, haqeem was still too young. i remember walking along the jumeirah beach with syima, syida and azi, took some shots againts burj al-arab and then we lepak at jumeirah beach hotel to use the toilet!

however, it is comforting to know that however beautiful and clean the jumeirah beach is, we too have our dear own pulau perhentian beach and pulau sipadan beach - that are no less breath-taking in comparison. just to name a few.

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