Saturday, February 26, 2011

Like Chocolate? Patchi? Try Ghraoui!

did you know that ‘patchi’ is originally from lebanon?

this expensive chocolate ‘patchi’ is now very popular among malaysians, especially those planning a wedding – it’s the perfect ‘sweet’ addition to a hantaran kawen. however, many have not heard of its equally exclusive ‘cousin’, ghraoui – another mid-east born chocolate, from syria!

* * *

ferrero rocher is a MUST-get souvenir from mr. khairul whenever he travels abroad. calling him at the airport, i will always remind him, “don’t forget my ferrero rocher!” hihi.

however, this time around, he came back from syria with a different brand of chocolate - ‘ghraoui’. pronounced as ‘grawi’, it’s introduced in syria as far back as the 1930’s! i was very intrigued, especially when told that it’s as exclusive as patchi, if not more so!



wrapped in a gold-colored box, it’s accompanied by a little orange pamphlet that detailed each 120 varieties of chocolates they make for ghraoui.

i’m a VERY picky eater, so this list really helped me pick and choose the ones that i like, and would actually enjoy eating!

  • i absolutely do not like dark chocolate
  • preferably not white chocolate
  • no choc with too much nuts – peanuts, pistachio, almond, hazelnut – ANY nuts



there’s dark chocolate with crushed pistachio, and many more – but strictly milk chocolate for me, with just a little bit of nuts!



the first time i was introduced to patchi brand? it was given away as complimentary door gifts at an event in dubai two years back. personally, i don’t see (or rather taste) any difference. patchi or ghraoui, they’re both deliciously creamy with rich chocolate taste.

i am taking the same stand as when i wrote about the laduree’s macarons – just because something is expensive, doesn’t mean that it’s better tasting than any other chocolate in the world!

my chocolate soul still faithfully yearns for ferrero rocher!


* * *


most of the work to make the chocolates were done manually by the staff. i read that there’s even a 3rd generation of staff working there, following the footsteps of his father and his grandfather who had served for mr. ghraoui senior before.



source : here


there’s a ghraoui outlet in dubai mall. check it out if you’re interested! there are a few patchi outlet in malaysia, but i don’t know about ghraoui…


* * *




man, i love chocolate.

my favorite? ferrero rocher of course would be on top of the list. followed closely by kinder bueno, and then kit kat. see the pattern in the type of chocolate that i like? i’ve always preferred chocolate with a little bit of crunch in them – wafer, or biscuits, rice crispy or crushed nuts.

mr. khairul loves white chocolate, and his favorite would be the white chocolate toblerone.

what’s your favorite?


* * *


oh, and have you seen the movie ‘chocolat’ starring the grungy johnny depp? better watch that if you’re a chocoholic! and even if you’re so-so, you’d see chocolate in a whole new light!

want to read instead? try roald dahl’s ‘charlie and the chocolate factory!’ delightful tale of an innocent boy and the eccentric owner of a chocolate factory!


* * *


“..when he sees one of his chocolates melt rapidly in your hand, he is pleased in spite of the mess. “a low melting point is a sign of true quality chocolate,” he smiles. “i don’t substitute vegetable oils to make the chocolates last longer. that’s what they do in America, and now, sadly, some companies in europe are beginning to find that acceptable as well. i don’t. i won’t.”

~ bassam ghraoui, son of founder of ghraoui.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A London MCOB in Dubai

you put an mckk (malay college kuala kangsar) boy anywhere in the world, and you see them thrive. a good example is our latest guest, a fellow mcob (malay college old boy) like mr. khairul – and he has been living in london for the past 20 years!

he was in dubai for holiday, taking along a family friend with him. welcome to dubai, bro kazan and family!


Kamil v96, Shamsul v86 (in specs), Kazan v86, Shon v84 (black t), Badak v82, Kay v96


oh, and when an mckk boy comes to dubai, god willing there would be a certain mr. khairul who would round up the other mckk boys for a get-together. where else? our favorite mandi restaurant al-tawasol in deira!

the ‘usual suspects’ were there, the ever supportive bro zaim and bro shon and family. bro kazan’s batchmate joined too – bro shamsul. mr. khairul’s fellow school swimmer kamil also took the time to come by. kamil’s wife is 6 months’ pregnant so she didn’t join him in this dubai trip. keep us updated on that, bro!




nothing beats sitting cross-legged on plush carpets, around delicious mandi rice, in a private tent – just chatting away without a care.

since bro kazan’s children were born and raised in london, you could imagine the way they speak. simply endearing! i absolutely ADORE british accent!


 the usual ‘sacrifice’ – lamb mandi, chicken mandi and fish mandi altogether in a large plate


from left : kazan v86, shamsul v86, kamil v96, shon v84, and zaim v82


 my sis-in-law teh, me & the darling kak muna (abg shon’s wife) – next to her is kak rozi (abg zaim’s wife)


sigh. what would the boys be without their ever-supportive significant other – who happily joined in in this happy reunion! while the murid-murid tua chatted about days of yore, kak muna talked about her son who just entered mckk.

hmm. their atuk is mcob. their bapak is mcob. their pak ngah (mr. khairul’s younger bro) is mcob. would khaleef, kahfi and kazim continue the tradition?


* * *


 final potpet at the entrance of al-tawasol before calling it a day


from left : kazan v86, zaim v82, shon v84, shamsul v86, kamil v96, and kay v96


* * *



the happy mr. khairul, perpetually the ‘party-planner’ of these little get-together of mcobs in the uae, and any who comes and visit, insyaAllah. he would like to thank all his ‘brothers’ who attended to welcome bro kazan to dubai.

hope to see you when we visit london!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Puisi : Anak Padang Pasir



anak padang pasir

di satu padang pasir dalam perjalanan ke oman
langit sangat biru
di balik balam-balam awan yang bagai kapas.

di atas tanah perang itu
sepohon pokok sepi di hujung hidupnya
ditemani anak-anak kecil riang ria.

ia tidak sunyi lagi untuk hari itu.


* * *


 abg long khaleef & abg ngah kahfi (kazim sleepin in the car!)


haha. one of my few lame attempts at malay poetry! tsk tsk!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Speaking on Water Quality in Tokyo : Gambatte Kudasai Syimot!

i’m so proud of my sister!

at the time of writing, she’s probably already arrived in tokyo to attend the ‘water environment partnership in asia (WEPA)’ meeting. not just attending – she will be presenting a paper on ‘water quality management in malaysia'.



with syima & her 2 girls; micha & cuya, and me & my 2 boys; khaleef & kahfi @ abah’s house


what is WEPA – Water Environment Partnership in Asia?

WEPA, in cooperation with 11 countries in east asia, aims to promote good governance in water environment management by providing necessary, relevant information and knowledge, through a series of databases. information collected through WEPA activities is shared by the WEPA database.

This database consists of 4 individual databases, namely ‘policies’, ‘technologies’, ‘NGOs’ and CBOs’ activities’ and ‘sources of water-related information’.


in the asian region, the quality and quantity of water resources have deteriorated. why?

  • the increasing demand on water
  • polluted water resources
  • inadequate management

so…this has been one of the main factors hindering socio-economic development in this region. in order to achieve sustainable development in asia, it is necessary to

  • manage water resources in a sustainable manner
  • to create a sound water environment

WHO must get involved in water environmental management?

  • governments
  • experts
  • non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • citizens – you and ME!

government officials play an important role!

  • they are responsible for the planning and implementation of policies on water-environment management
  • so, it’s important to help government officials
  • how? provide appropriate information regarding methods and technologies of water environment management suitable for the asian region

this is where the “Water Environment Partnership in Asia (WEPA)” comes in!

  • to promote good governance in water environment management
  • provide necessary information and knowledge of water environment management in the region through databases

source : here.

* * *


syimot is my younger sister, the middle child of haji podin 5 girls. she’s married to a soft-spoken din, and has two adorable girls; suffiya and marissa. miss them!

while my eldest sis took up business, i pursued my passion for language, syidot in banking and azot in computer science – she was the one who swerved to science – microbiology, to be precise. well, we got to have one crazy scientist in the family! haha.

good luck in your presentation, sis. make malaysia proud, and make us proud! *hug* can’t wait for the pictures! nanti check water quality kat dubai pulak ye! haha.

(oh, and don’t forget to pick up tissues – especially ones with japanese characters on them!)


* * *


“…water is a driving force for sustainable development including environmental integrity, and the eradication of poverty and hunger, indispensable for human health and welfare”, and “each country has the primary responsibility to act”.

~ the Ministerial Declaration of the International Ministerial Conference at the Third World Water Forum (WWF3)

Anuar Zain : The Memories Remain

just got this from my sister syidot. THANKS! i love anuar zain!

this is the english version of his latest single; ‘sedetik lebih’. i wrote about it here. i love the malay version, but this english version is SO good! ok..ok…it was a bit over the top at the beginning (even for anuar zain!) but it soared high, broke my heart with its melancholy lyrics and just melted me like butter on hot waffles!


* * *

10 things i like about anuar zain

  1. he has a great voice
  2. he sings r&b so well
  3. he’s so handsome
  4. he can sing both BM & english very well
  5. he’s clean cut
  6. he’s soft spoken
  7. he’s got awesome fashion sense
  8. he’s so cute with fans (whenever i met him, he’s always so nice!)
  9. his songs were played at my wedding (can’t afford to ask him to sing personally to me uhuk uhuk)
  10. …he’s not married ~ haha



i can see the sadness in your eyes
and every teardrops that you cry
i hope you know
it's hard to let you go

the time is here i have to say goodbye
i laid my life i've seen the light
i hope you know
it's hard to let you go

i swear to be the shadow by your side
to be the shining star to light
the darkness of your night
i will survive

in the end
as i cross the line of life and then
i find my way back in your heart again
and i promise i will stay
forever and a day

the memories remain...


* * *


enjoy, people!

(anuar zain, cepat la buat gig kat dubai!)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who Likes to Read in The Dark?

lights out by 9.30pm! that’s the rule on school days when i was younger. but i love to read, so i’d take a torchlight and a good book, and read under my blanket. this was especially exciting when it’s a horror story! sometimes i’d fall asleep while reading, and the torchlight was on till morning!


alhamdulillah i still don’t need glasses to read – yet! but it was one of the most adventurous time i had when reading books. i just enjoy reading myself to sleep! it was just me and the world in the book, in the dark, with just the little torchlight.

* * *

with my 3 boys, the lights must be switched off way before bedtime, to sort off sedate them! they’d still be jumping on their bapak, oh yes – but the atmosphere is already set for sleepy time. and no, we don’t have personal side table lamps like a hotel room!

so my reading adventure had to wait!



my first ever terry pratchett, my favorite author after stephen king. if you had never read him, this is one of the good places to start!


until one day…

…my sis-in-law teh gave me this awesome present! a ‘tiny book light’! it’s the coolest invention ever! haha. thanks teh! i love it very much!

  • it’s so sleek, light and white!
  • it’s rubber-coated
  • it’s got a little hook to be clipped between the pages for it to stand!
  • it can be rotated for the light to fill your pages, or the part you’re reading! 

now i can read in the dark! (okay, from all the exclamation marks, you know how excited i am over this!)



*click* tada ~ seronoknya!



this ‘tiny book light’ had actually won an award for the ‘gift of the year 2008’! see how it can rotate. eh, this is not a paid advertorial ye. i’m just really really excited!

if you want one, teh got it at borders, mall of emirates but i’m sure it’s available at any borders. tengah sale, so you better hurry up!


it’s available in 5 colors! teh punya kaler pink. mine is white.


i love to read in the lrt. i love to read while eating maggi. i love to read with ice-cream. i love to read on the plane. and now-

now i can also indulge in my favorite childhood pastime; late-night reading, snuggling between the comforter, without illuminating the rest of the room and disturbing my sleeping little terrorists!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Visiting The Ice Factory, JBR

no, we didn’t visit any factory where they make ice – it’s a new ice-cream store at JBR (jumeirah beach residence). cute, small place but so inviting!

ice-cream during winter say you? well, bring it on!

mr. khairul is in syria for an exhibition, so last night my sis-in-law teh and i walked with the boys to JBR – sort off like our bintang walk, but with a beach! we had dinner at fuddruckers, and had dessert at a new ice-cream store right next to chillis - ‘the ice factory’.



other than having 16 awesome flavors, it’s said to be the only ice-cream stall in dubai that sells ice-cream made on the same day. any left-over ice-cream will be given to charity!

how ‘sweet’ is that! (yes, pun intended!)



thanks to my sis-in-law for treating us to cones of cold, yummy goodness! khaleef the sweet-tooth boy was indecisive – he wanted vanilla first, and changed to strawberry the next, as those are his favorite flavors. finally he settled on ‘stracciatella’!

say what?

in italy and germany, gelato with a vanilla base and chocolate shavings is called ‘stracciatella’. it’s a bit like chocolate chip ice cream. it’s quite good, especially when you can bite into the chunky chocolate shavings!


my beloved pistachio flavor!


i love ice-cream, and lately – i am more in love with gelato. i dunno, gelato has a more rich texture than ice-cream. it’s creamier and more dense. it’s got volume!

my favorite flavor? i usually go with the ‘safe’ flavors like chocolate or chocolate chip, but with gelato, i go wild (a bit je lah!) and chose pistachio as my favorite!


just a small slim ice-cream store next to chillis. it’s got white awning and colorful boxes to sit on. in front of the kiosk, there are white plastic seats – all made from recyclable material!

normally we go to our usual ice-cream haunt at JBR – the cone street gelato above ‘paul’ cafe. so where did this new ‘the ice factory’ suddenly come from?

established 5 years ago, soren bo andersen, a danish entrepreneur meets habib yaraghi, an iranian businessman in dubai.

they share passion for wholesome nutrition, and wanna make truly fresh ice cream, using only fresh fruits, milk fresh from local diaries - free from artificial colourings, flavourings and needlessly high levels of sugar – and ‘the ice factory’ is born!


the colorful boxes not only lights up, but it changes color as well! notice that the middle box was yellow when the girl was on it, then it turned purple! cute!


i don’t know what was up with kahfi last night, but he did not want any ice-cream! so while he waited for us to finish our ice-cream, he was busy chatting up some hot foreign chick in a purple gown!

also, he was so bored i guess that he did some ‘stunts’!


“khaleef! where’s kahfi?”


“kahfi! bertuah punya budak!” ~ can you spot kahfi?


* * *


thanks ateh for the icy-cold yummy treat!


visit their website for more info.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Saya Mahu Jadi Pujangga Dari Blog Ini Fynn Jamal Cakap

mommy lyna dari MySuperKids nak kasi iPad? iPad!!!

caranya bukanlah mudah. ye, susah! betul susah! hihi. kena tulis artikel, dan pastikan artikel itu menarik minat juri. tulis artikel berkenaan apa? hanya bertajukkan ‘saya mahu… dari blog…!’

* * *


saya sangat suka menulis. saya sangat suka berpuitis. saya sangat suka dengan bahasa, dalam apa jua gaya. menulis bukan hanya untuk orang baca, tapi untuk orang rasa. untuk orang terpana. untuk orang teruja.

saya mahu jadi pujangga dari blog ‘ini fynn jamal cakap’.!

fynn jamal. kenal nama ni? aduh. kalau tak kenal, sila singgah ke lamannya; ‘puisi tepi jalan’, dan lihat sendiri cara dia bermain kata. kalaulah saya bisa jadi pujangga seperti dia!

dia bukan tulis puisi semata. dia bukan berpantun sahaja. bukan pula bersajak belaka. tapi apa saja yang ditulisnya, pasti enak dibaca dek kerana pandainya menyimpul ayat penuh erti, penuh jiwa!

perihal abah yang sayangnya ya amat. alkisah cinta agung dia dan suami. tentang hidup muzikalnya. apa saja yang terlihat depan mata, dan ape yang terlintas di minda pujangganya!


ayatnya ringkas tapi dalam berkias,

gaya bahasanya kadang kasar tapi ada benar,

susun katanya kadang dalam marah tapi tetap bermadah,

paling suka ayat cinta pada suaminya yang berima sungguh indah.


betapa saya mahukan kreativitinya.

betapa saya mahukan gaya bahasanya.

betapa saya mahukan semangatnya.


semua orang boleh menulis, tapi tidak semua boleh menyentuh jiwa sebagaimana tulisan tulus fynn jamal.

semua orang boleh membuat luahan perasaan melalui blog, tapi tidak semua boleh mengocak perasaan pembaca supaya turut serta bersuka, murka atau berduka.

semua orang boleh cuba berpantun bermadah, tapi tidak semua boleh menjadi pujangga seperti fynn jamal.


jadi, saya mahu jadi pujangga dari blog ‘ini fynn jamal cakap’!

* * *

nah, bisa berikan saja saya iPad itu, mommy lyna? *kenyit kenyit*

* * *

Artikel ini ditulis sebab saya mengidam iPad percuma MySuperKids. Sertai Bengkel Adsense di laman web buat duit online & mulakan gaya hidup sihat dengan vitamin semulajadi ShakleeTrialPack

Monkeyin Around @ Al-Ain Zoo, Abu Dhabi

i love visits to a zoo. it gives my boys the chance to see animals LIVE, in the wild – well, more or less in the wild. at least it’s moving, and it’s not JUST a picture in a book!

last weekend we took the boys and my sister-in-law to al-ain zoo, in the capital of uae (united arab emirates) abu dhabi.



3 brothers?


  • covers 988-acre of land (our zoo negara covers 110 acres of land)
  • located in the foothills of the jebel hafeet mountains
  • mainly comprises arabian antelopes and oryx, eland, gazelle, and lechwe
  • also hosts the almost extinct white lion (less than 200 remain in the world)





i love these flintstone rock-thingys



 my sis-in-law teh and her nephews at the map of the zoo



 relaxing on a bed of grass, with the view of the towering giraffe and the hunky rhino!


* * *


the first time i went to al-ain zoo was in 2008, right before i was due to deliver kahfi. i think i was 7-8 months pregnant, and still so eager to do a walk-about around a zoo!


 me with 2yr old khaleef circa november 2008



there’s a train going round the zoo that passes by the lion’s den, among others. you just have to wait at the few stations available, and show your entrance ticket.

also, as you can see from the picture above, there’s makeshift shades like this all over the zoo. in a country where it’s warm and mostly hot across the year, you really need these!


in this 2008 photograph we took, are these the same 3 brothers in the 2011 photographed above? haha.


* * *


the zoo is open from 9am – 7pm in the evening

the tickets are priced at 15 dirhams for adults, 5 dirhams for children aged 3 to 12.

new borns and babies up till 24 months have free admission!


i’ve been to a number of zoos, and al-ain zoo is definitely one of the cleanest zoos we’ve been. you would know that a zoo is clean when you see the clean toilets, when you smell no stink, and when the walk-way is well-managed – clear of any leaves, puddles, trash!

the weather is great all across the UAE, so visit al-ain zoo while it’s still cool!


* * *


and here’s one of the many gorgeous shot taken by my sister-in-law teh. words like desert safari, nairobi kenya and african wilderness come to mind, eh?

…and is that melman?




visit my sis-in-law’s posting on her trip to al-ain zoo here. there’s also a *noisy* video of her ‘debate’ with khaleef!

Krisis Egypt : Impak Pada Dubai (UAE)

ramai rakan taulan dan keluarga terdekat yang tertanya-tanya : apa khabarnya tanah arab dubai dan serata arab emiriyah bersatu (united arab emirates; UAE) di kala rakyat tunisia dan egypt bangkit menggulingkan presiden mereka?

dubai pun arab jugak kan? sekarang kan negara-negara arab semua tengah sibuk dengan revolusi dan kebangkitan rakyat masing-masing? dubai macamana? tak bahaya ke? tak nak balik malaysia ke?

* * *


(image : google) burj arab, dubai & the sphinx & the pyramid in egypt


oh dubai!

aku yang tinggal di dubai bersama suami dan 3 anak semuanya alhamdulillah selamat sejahtera, dan hidup di sini macam biase je. biase sangat-sangat biase. insyaAllah harap kekal selamat macam ni.

aku jumpa satu artikel ni yang membincangkan tentang kesan revolusi di tunisia dan egypt terhadap UAE. caranya terang dan jelas, sambil mengemukakan contoh-contoh yang aku pun boleh faham. kalau nak baca artikel tu dalam bahasa inggeris, klik sini.

di sini aku terangkan dengan bahasa aku, supaya 10 tahun nanti aku baca balik pun boleh faham. hihi.

* * *


pihak kerajaan uae bijak dengan tidak mengemukakan sokongan mahupun bantahan terhadap demonstrasi secara terang-terangan. ye lah, kalo kata sokong demonstrasi tu, goyanglah persahabatan dengan kerajaan egypt. kalo kata bantah demonstrasi pulak, nanti manalah tau rakyat UAE pulak yang marah. jadi diorang senyap-senyap je.

(tapi menteri luar UAE ade lah jugak melawat bekas presiden egypt hosni mubarak masa krisis tu huhu)



rakyat egypt yang sibuk memprotes dulu ni macam-macam tak puas ati. mahukan perubahan, PERUBAHAN dalam sistem pentadbiran dengan meminta presiden mereka hosni mubarak blah selepas 30 tahun memegang jawatan. dah la 30 tahun memerintah, pehtu nak anak dia pulak ambik alih, padehal presiden dilantik melalui pilihanraya. mane tak bengang!

tapi kat UAE takde teringin nak ubah-ubah ni. UAE menggunakan sistem monarki (pemerintahan beraja) jadi tahta kerajaan memang diwarisi oleh anak atau adik beradik. keluarga diraja UAE sangat dihormati oleh rakyat jelata dan status ketuanan mereka tak pernah dipersoalkan.

diorang memang sayangkan bapa pembangunan UAE iaitu sheikh zayed (pegang tahta sejak merdeka kalo tak salah, meninggal 2004, skang anak dia pegang tahta UAE), jadi anak, atau sedara mara dia pun diorang sayang la kot. hihi.



egypt ngan uae ni populasinya sangat berbeza.

bayangkan rakyat tempatan UAE adalah MINORITI! yes, pak-pak arab tu minoriti di negara sendiri! macamana tu ye? dalam 6 juta je penduduk UAE, hanya 15 peratus adalah rakyat tempatan. rata-rata berkehidupan selesa, dan menikmati kemudahan yang sangat best sebagai rakyat tempatan, walaupun diorang sikit. jarang dengar pasal rakyat merungut tentang kerajaan.

ini berbeza dengan egypt yang sebilangan besar penduduk adalah rakyat tempatan, sebanyak 79 juta la lebih kurang. ramai gile tu! mereka menuntut perubahan dalam sistem pentadbiran, pendidikan dan paling pentingnya; kebebasan bersuara. mereka menentang keganasan pihak polis, kerajaan korup, dan banyak lagi. 60% rakyat hidup miskin – tiada peluang pekerjaan dan pendidikan yang sempurna.

punya la ramai rakyat tak puas hati, mana taknye mencetuskan revolusi ye tak.

revolusi negara-negara arab pulak skang ni rata-rata dicetuskan oleh RAKYAT TEMPATAN. jadi berbalik pada UAE tadi, rakyat tempatan dah le sikit sangat, hidup pulak selesa. jadi ape yang nak diprotes?

expats (rakyat asing) yang tinggal kat UAE (termasuklah aku) memang la sangat-sangat ramai berbanding dengan rakyat tempatan, tapi selalunya rakyat asing ni mane la nak libatkan diri sangat dengan situasi politik kat negara asing yg diorang tinggal tu.

rakyat asing kat UAE nak buat demo? dari india, filipina, indonesia, US, UK, lebanon, iran, iraq, afrika sampaila ke rakyat malaysia sendiri kebanyakan berpusu-pusu ke UAE pun pasal nak cari keja. semua nak sara keluarga, terutama yang tinggalkan anak bini kat negara asal masing-masing. dah dapat keja tu dah cukup best. duk je diam-diam.

kalo tak puas hati bole balik negara asal!

* * *

ini je la 3 poin utama yang aku dapat fahami, dan kasi fahamkan kat korang-korang yang baru nak tahu. kalau ade tersalah maklumat, tolong khabarkan okay, sebab aku tulis ni pun berdasarkan fahaman aku dengan apa yang aku baca dan saksikan di media masa.

memang, rata-rata negara arab memiliki konsep yang sama : diperintah oleh diktator tua yang dah berkurun-kurun pegang tahta. ditambah pulak dengan ekonomi yang meruncing dgn kehidupan rakyat yang tertekan. lepas tunisia, egypt. diikuti pulak demonstrasi yang lebih kurang kat jordan, yemen, algeria dan yang terbaru bahrain – jiran sblah rumah je ngan UAE.

memang ketua-ketua negara arab tengah gabra sekarang. presiden yemen awal-awal dah ckp, “korang xyah la buat demo, aku janji hujung tahun ni aku letak jawatan la. betul. korang tolonglah xyah demo-demo ni.” oklah dialog ni aku buat je hihi, tapi betul, memang lebih kurang mcm ni la presiden yemen umumkan.

harap-harap keamanan di UAE berkekalan, sebab kalau jelas kehidupan tu selesa, tak payah la nak diada-adakan revolusi ni. tak pasal-pasal rakyat asing macam kami ni tersepit di tengah-tengah, macam pelajar-pelajar malaysia di mesir yang dah selamat sampai di saudi dan malaysia.

ok, pak-pak arab kat dubai sila jangan buat demo ye. buat demo camne nak buat nasi mandi ok la jugak. (ok, bad joke. hihi.)

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