Thursday, February 24, 2011

A London MCOB in Dubai

you put an mckk (malay college kuala kangsar) boy anywhere in the world, and you see them thrive. a good example is our latest guest, a fellow mcob (malay college old boy) like mr. khairul – and he has been living in london for the past 20 years!

he was in dubai for holiday, taking along a family friend with him. welcome to dubai, bro kazan and family!


Kamil v96, Shamsul v86 (in specs), Kazan v86, Shon v84 (black t), Badak v82, Kay v96


oh, and when an mckk boy comes to dubai, god willing there would be a certain mr. khairul who would round up the other mckk boys for a get-together. where else? our favorite mandi restaurant al-tawasol in deira!

the ‘usual suspects’ were there, the ever supportive bro zaim and bro shon and family. bro kazan’s batchmate joined too – bro shamsul. mr. khairul’s fellow school swimmer kamil also took the time to come by. kamil’s wife is 6 months’ pregnant so she didn’t join him in this dubai trip. keep us updated on that, bro!




nothing beats sitting cross-legged on plush carpets, around delicious mandi rice, in a private tent – just chatting away without a care.

since bro kazan’s children were born and raised in london, you could imagine the way they speak. simply endearing! i absolutely ADORE british accent!


 the usual ‘sacrifice’ – lamb mandi, chicken mandi and fish mandi altogether in a large plate


from left : kazan v86, shamsul v86, kamil v96, shon v84, and zaim v82


 my sis-in-law teh, me & the darling kak muna (abg shon’s wife) – next to her is kak rozi (abg zaim’s wife)


sigh. what would the boys be without their ever-supportive significant other – who happily joined in in this happy reunion! while the murid-murid tua chatted about days of yore, kak muna talked about her son who just entered mckk.

hmm. their atuk is mcob. their bapak is mcob. their pak ngah (mr. khairul’s younger bro) is mcob. would khaleef, kahfi and kazim continue the tradition?


* * *


 final potpet at the entrance of al-tawasol before calling it a day


from left : kazan v86, zaim v82, shon v84, shamsul v86, kamil v96, and kay v96


* * *



the happy mr. khairul, perpetually the ‘party-planner’ of these little get-together of mcobs in the uae, and any who comes and visit, insyaAllah. he would like to thank all his ‘brothers’ who attended to welcome bro kazan to dubai.

hope to see you when we visit london!!!


blackmountain said...

assalamualaikum syigim..

best jer tgk all the mandi reviews.. nyum nyum..heheh

i know a few MCKK'ian from ur hubby's batch:nickname: khoja and avi, and Pakaq is '97 nyer batch, tho' i don't know what he's called best jer ada strong community like fact, i attended PPM '96 held kat MCKK & it was sponsored by MCOBA, grand giler that time heh..

amirah said...

mak oi..besaq nya ikan dorang tu syigim..ikan per dorang guna agaknya..lagik besaq dari ayam..!!hehe..seriously tempting la mandi ni

Syigim said...

>> anis, my reviews on mandi mmg best, because i'm a total addict!!! hihi

how did you know those mckk dudes? my husband kenal baik during schooldays, but lost contact after spm.

>> amirah kat melaka kan? my friend kak arin pun kat melaka, she said ade restoran arab yg ade nasi mandi sedap. ape ke namanye. (kak arin kalo terbaca ni silalah jawab ye hihi) try cari ok :)

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