Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Character Day Parade : All Hail King Khaleef!

white bathrobe : 25aed
belt : 13aed
leather wrist band : 7aed

seeing your son's pride as King Khaleef? priceless.



khaleef’s school held a ‘literacy week’ where they had a lot of fun activities for the students, and parents can join in some of the activities :

  • ‘book donation day’ – the kids bring new or second hand reading books to the school
  • story telling sessions
  • poetry writing
  • drama sessions
  • debate
  • literacy quiz
  • book fair
  • ‘character day parade’ – little kids dress up as fairy tale characters, and older kids in their favorite book characters


* * *


i think i speak for all MOMS of the world, that when it comes to dressing up our kids for something like the ‘character day parade’, we are more excited than our children, kan? hihi.

i was cracking my head on what he can become – prince and kings are obvious picks, since he’s a boy, and it’s so easy to assemble. other fairy tale characters like peter pan, and the big bad wolf also came up!

mr. khairul went all semangat ketuanan melayu when he suggested khaleef came as hang tuah! just make a paper tanjak and keris, he’s good to go!



time was running out, so i settled for the typical ‘king’ look instead. i know A LOT of boys may come dressed up as kings and princes, so let’s make the crown really stands out! hihi.

i fashioned a crown from hard paper, wrapped it around with aluminium foil for the shiny effect, and to top it all – the huge diamond-shaped ‘gem stones’ made from candy wrappers.

the crown is big, bold and shiny. so even among the crowd of kiddos, it would be easy to spot khaleef!


* * *


 eager parents awaiting the ‘character day parade’ to start


there are so many interesting costumes! ben10 was a very popular choice among the boys; they had the green ben10 jacket, ben10 mask and even the ben10 alien characters. to me it’s practically cheating because the rule clearly said - ‘fairy tale characters’! ben10 bukan fairy tale. eee. main tipu. haha.

for girls, i can say that 90% went with either princess or fairies. pink, purple fluffy skirts, lacy tops and shiny crowns or silky wings. adorable!

here are the costumes which caught my eye :



an adorable indian prince, dashing zorro and this voluptuous little mermaid!



 this cool shrek boxy mask, ben10 heat blast, and the little red indian boy


another cool shrek – complete with green face paint and shrek clothings; a cute witch and little red riding hood!


* * *


and then it was time for khaleef’s class to strut their stuff in the parade! i recognized his school teacher, and the boy up front was from his class.

and then i saw the crown, bouncing out glimmer of the sun from the aluminium foil! haha.



his costume was so simple – black baju melayu, with belt and a leather wrist band to emphasize the look. i covered him with a bathrobe like a cloak, pinned together with a big ‘diamond’-studded butterfly brooch. armed with a ‘sword’, he was the coolest king ever!





after the parade, classes resumed as usual, where a storytelling session will take place. how cute it is to have all sorts of characters sit around listening to stories.

khaleef went home by bus as usual, and surprisingly his flimsy crown is still in tact! i thought he would’ve left it in school, or it would be crushed while playing on the bus.

so i took a couple more pictures of king khaleef!




“He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.” ~


i amsterdam said...

I think you are right, parents are more excited than the kids!!!

When he was in grade 1, ilham had a penguin costume after Tacky The Penguin book. When he was in grade 2, he wore black plastic bag after the character of Dumpi- the recycled paper bag from a book to promote recycling!! It was fun !!

madre said...

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Would really appreciate ur input:)

Pala Maldini said...

Pelik la sebab sangat jarang "King" pakai baju hitam...

Syigim said...

>> i_amsterdam, parents are ALWAYS excited than the kids esp when they're little happy people! hihi

cutenya dress up as penguin... my fav animal :)

>> pala maldini, try google. ade je king yang pakai all black :) hihi

Syigim said...

hi madre, it's always nice to have someone tell me they've been my silent reader - and finally emerge! hihi.

i think you need A LOT more than just tips n advice in a blog 'comment column' when it comes to apartment & education cost. you can always email me for more info :)

but for starters, you MUST find out about the 'package' that this job is offering. make sure it covers your hse, education and medical insurance. everything is sky high in dubai!

good luck!

madre said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aaff said...

really appreciate the info. Had a couple of friends working in doha & abu dhabi but none in dubai.

we've done some research, but nothin compares to first hand experience from a fellow malaysian:)

tq for the tips. Will get back to u if it materialize. Kut2 jadi, nanti i email u...tq again:)

check out these postings too!

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