Friday, February 11, 2011

Gulf Bike Week : Aprilia or Ducati?

i’ve never been on a bike, until one day i went back to mr. khairul’s kampung and he took me for a ride on his old bike which he had gotten as a reward after an excellent PMR result. that was my first time being on a bike, and it was a weird, exhilarating experience!


bapaks-PMR-present-believe-it-or-not mr. khairul with 3 yr-old khaleef on his old bike he got for his PMR. i think his brother is using it now


…and though i always see awek-awek hugging their boyfies tightly on their love-bike, it was so very meaningful to press myself up against this man who is my husband! *wink* it was a cautious kind of happy – i still think being on a bike is so dangerous, yet i feel so safe to have my arms around my man. it was a good feeling.

(macamane pulak dengan makcik-makcik ngan akak-akak yang tiap-tiap hari naik bike dengan suami diorang ye masa pegi keja atau pegi pasar? kadang-kadang nampak ada yang letak tangan kat belakang, bukan peluk suami! rasa romantik lagi ke, atau dah boring sebab hari-hari? hihi.)


* * *


yes, ini cerita bike. superbikes.


khaleef trying out the kiddo bikes


mr. khairul is a ducati freak. so when dubai festival city plays host to the annual ‘gulf bike week’, he dragged all of us to share his dream of owning one.

khaleef loves big bikes too. kahfi enjoys making vroom-vroom sound everytime he sees one. and kazim has an inexplicable passion of biting the little toy-bikes that only babies would understand. so all three boys are practically halfway there.

it turns out, mr. khairul’s little sister also likes big bikes! so it was just me alone who was out of place!



for 40aed per adult, you can enjoy the scenes and sights of big bikes, bike shows, bikers, bike-enthusiasts and biker-wannabes as well as the beautiful biker-babes! not only bulky guys and tattoo-ed dudes, but mommies with prams and strollers too!

…and then there are people like me, perhaps – just tagging along among them. hihi.

there’s also a rock concert by the side – which was too loud for kazim that i quickly left. (actually too loud for me!)




upon entering the vicinity, a huge ‘harley-davidson motorcycles’ balloon greeted us. khaleef had the chance to sit on a harley, while inside, my sis-in-law teh also tried her hand on a harley – the smallest of all harley it seems.

mr. khairul grabbed the opportunity to ‘test-ride’ the harley. it’s not really moving – just like trying out an exercise bike! but it gives the rider the chance to have a feel of the roaring harley-davidson engine when you hit the pedal.




* * *


 the bike show. kids, don’t try this at home!


* * *


khaleef with this awesome spidey bike


once inside the makeshift white tent where the bike exhibitions were, mr. khairul was looking at types, and horse power and ntah ape-ape lagi yang aku tak paham. me? if the bike looks nice, it’s nice to me! who cares about how fast it can go, or whether it’s dubbed the bike of the year – like the one below!


 khaleef with the green kawasaki bike said to be the bike of the year




* * *


 some of the gorgeous bikes i see there


* * *


saving the best for last – we came to the ultimate exhibit – at least, to that ducati-freak who was responsible at dragging me here.



mr. khairul on the prowl


he was so cute; like a lost kid in a candy store. eyes-wide, rubbing his chin, mind racing, heart thumping – he was looking at the love of his life (after me la of course!!!).

i helped myself to a couple of shots with the ducati. ape yang best sangat ye? haha.


 me and a red ducati. so you’re my rival, huh?


 the latest from ducati – the ‘diavel carbon’. very huge. very expensive.


 ada gaya?

* * *

the kiddos with their ateh


sheesh. i have THREE boys, so it’s just my luck!

i know it’s just a matter of time before khaleef sneaks out of the house with bapak’s key to the ducati; or kahfi arguing with kazim over who’s turn is it to use the ducati this weekend. i just hope and pray that i don’t get late-night calls from the police about a certain involvement in illegal racing or worse – accident!


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