Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who Likes to Read in The Dark?

lights out by 9.30pm! that’s the rule on school days when i was younger. but i love to read, so i’d take a torchlight and a good book, and read under my blanket. this was especially exciting when it’s a horror story! sometimes i’d fall asleep while reading, and the torchlight was on till morning!


alhamdulillah i still don’t need glasses to read – yet! but it was one of the most adventurous time i had when reading books. i just enjoy reading myself to sleep! it was just me and the world in the book, in the dark, with just the little torchlight.

* * *

with my 3 boys, the lights must be switched off way before bedtime, to sort off sedate them! they’d still be jumping on their bapak, oh yes – but the atmosphere is already set for sleepy time. and no, we don’t have personal side table lamps like a hotel room!

so my reading adventure had to wait!



my first ever terry pratchett, my favorite author after stephen king. if you had never read him, this is one of the good places to start!


until one day…

…my sis-in-law teh gave me this awesome present! a ‘tiny book light’! it’s the coolest invention ever! haha. thanks teh! i love it very much!

  • it’s so sleek, light and white!
  • it’s rubber-coated
  • it’s got a little hook to be clipped between the pages for it to stand!
  • it can be rotated for the light to fill your pages, or the part you’re reading! 

now i can read in the dark! (okay, from all the exclamation marks, you know how excited i am over this!)



*click* tada ~ seronoknya!



this ‘tiny book light’ had actually won an award for the ‘gift of the year 2008’! see how it can rotate. eh, this is not a paid advertorial ye. i’m just really really excited!

if you want one, teh got it at borders, mall of emirates but i’m sure it’s available at any borders. tengah sale, so you better hurry up!


it’s available in 5 colors! teh punya kaler pink. mine is white.


i love to read in the lrt. i love to read while eating maggi. i love to read with ice-cream. i love to read on the plane. and now-

now i can also indulge in my favorite childhood pastime; late-night reading, snuggling between the comforter, without illuminating the rest of the room and disturbing my sleeping little terrorists!


lil sharky said...

Yea,such a genius invention.
I bought mine from marks&spencer, years ago, don't know if they still sell it.

Affieza said...

Menariknya lampu tu...sng nk baca dlm keadaan gelap..

mama danial said...

i scolded the kids in school. sambil makan nak membaca jugak! tak pasal-pasal buku kena rampas (once they are done with lunch, i'll give them back...hehehehe).

my books by the bedside masih untouchable..bila laa gamaknya nak membaca ni ek?

Fara said...

owh me like to read in the dark when I was a kid.. mmg nasib tak baik kene pakai glasses :P
so now mmg tak de bace dlm gelap, sbb half way reading buku atas muka, hubby kejut suh tido hehehe.. the pink kaler is nice, and purple too!

Syigim said...

>> lil sharky, is it the same one? i LOVE this one that i have hihi.. so small & slim :)

>> affieza, tu la. mmg suka baca dlm gelap bwh bantal, eh bawah selimut :)

Syigim said...

>> kak wawa, takutnya cikgu marah! hihi....kak wawa, what book r u reading right now? just take 5mins each day sblom tido to read! sure habis...esp if it's a not-put-down-able ones! hihi

>> fara, tu la...dah masuk 30+ ni dah mula la blur2 psl baca dlm gelap masa kecik2 la ni... :P

transformed housewife said...

I used to read in the dark when I was in the residential school (SMSAH) for 2 years. Well, lights out at 11 p.m. and most of the time, I still spend my time to read some notes as the preparation for SPM. huhu

KambingBujang said...

kt mph ada jual.. ada few type of book light..mmg great invention for those yg suka baca buku time nk tido esp..

Syigim said...

>> wah, kak nur...kak nur baca mlm2 sbb revision...but i read fiction je!!!! hihi..

>> kambing bujang! yes great invention to those yg xde side table lamp jugak! hihi

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