Friday, February 18, 2011

Visiting The Ice Factory, JBR

no, we didn’t visit any factory where they make ice – it’s a new ice-cream store at JBR (jumeirah beach residence). cute, small place but so inviting!

ice-cream during winter say you? well, bring it on!

mr. khairul is in syria for an exhibition, so last night my sis-in-law teh and i walked with the boys to JBR – sort off like our bintang walk, but with a beach! we had dinner at fuddruckers, and had dessert at a new ice-cream store right next to chillis - ‘the ice factory’.



other than having 16 awesome flavors, it’s said to be the only ice-cream stall in dubai that sells ice-cream made on the same day. any left-over ice-cream will be given to charity!

how ‘sweet’ is that! (yes, pun intended!)



thanks to my sis-in-law for treating us to cones of cold, yummy goodness! khaleef the sweet-tooth boy was indecisive – he wanted vanilla first, and changed to strawberry the next, as those are his favorite flavors. finally he settled on ‘stracciatella’!

say what?

in italy and germany, gelato with a vanilla base and chocolate shavings is called ‘stracciatella’. it’s a bit like chocolate chip ice cream. it’s quite good, especially when you can bite into the chunky chocolate shavings!


my beloved pistachio flavor!


i love ice-cream, and lately – i am more in love with gelato. i dunno, gelato has a more rich texture than ice-cream. it’s creamier and more dense. it’s got volume!

my favorite flavor? i usually go with the ‘safe’ flavors like chocolate or chocolate chip, but with gelato, i go wild (a bit je lah!) and chose pistachio as my favorite!


just a small slim ice-cream store next to chillis. it’s got white awning and colorful boxes to sit on. in front of the kiosk, there are white plastic seats – all made from recyclable material!

normally we go to our usual ice-cream haunt at JBR – the cone street gelato above ‘paul’ cafe. so where did this new ‘the ice factory’ suddenly come from?

established 5 years ago, soren bo andersen, a danish entrepreneur meets habib yaraghi, an iranian businessman in dubai.

they share passion for wholesome nutrition, and wanna make truly fresh ice cream, using only fresh fruits, milk fresh from local diaries - free from artificial colourings, flavourings and needlessly high levels of sugar – and ‘the ice factory’ is born!


the colorful boxes not only lights up, but it changes color as well! notice that the middle box was yellow when the girl was on it, then it turned purple! cute!


i don’t know what was up with kahfi last night, but he did not want any ice-cream! so while he waited for us to finish our ice-cream, he was busy chatting up some hot foreign chick in a purple gown!

also, he was so bored i guess that he did some ‘stunts’!


“khaleef! where’s kahfi?”


“kahfi! bertuah punya budak!” ~ can you spot kahfi?


* * *


thanks ateh for the icy-cold yummy treat!


visit their website for more info.


Nadiah Sidek said...


lil sharky said...

I like reading ur blog as I like to knw how it's like residing in Dubai. All the places that u go to looks really nice.

firahadifa said...

i x try lagi ice factory .. nanti la try , nk guna cupon entertainer . erkk.. ade ke ??

lina said...

wow syigim sedap nya...saper2 pun mesti suka kan....syigim ada award utk u..sudi2 kan.terima kasih.

Syigim said...

>> nadiah, mmg sedap! esok suruh ur darling belikan ice cream ye. :P

>> lil sharky, thanks for your very nice words :) alhamdulillah, yes dubai is a nice place to be :)

Syigim said...

>> firahadifa, bole try.. tp cone street jbr sama sedap tapi lagi murah. jadi gi je cone street hihi

>> kak lina, peminat ice-cream mesti suka! :) thanks for the award. tag baru takde ke hihi

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