Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cone Street, Dubai?

it's us - mak and kids trio - off on our feet to dubai marina walk, just a stone throw from our home. from our usual family outings before this i already noticed an ice-cream place newly opened called 'the cone street'.

khaleef loves ice-cream. and his birthday was just a few days ago. let's treat him a few scoops!

as you can see there's a string of cafes, restaurants and makan places in dubai marina walk, and this is just a small part of it. can you spot the pink and white signage of the ice-cream parlour that we're going to?

and here we are! hmm. 'cone street gelato italiano'. hey, it's not ice-cream. it's gelato. now have you ever wondered what's the difference between ice-cream and gelato?

  • gelato is ice-cream in italian
  • gelato is a frozen dessert made from milk, while ice-cream is made from well, cream
  • gelato is churned at a slower speed than ice cream, so the amount of air whipped into the dessert is lesser than in ice-cream, giving it a solid, richer texture
  • gelato is not frozen as solidly as ice cream - so it is smoother and creamier
  • for you weight-watchers, ice cream has a minimum of 10 percent fat, while gelato is made with a greater proportion of whole milk to cream, so it contains about 5-7 percent fat only
  • ice-crystals can form with ice-cream but not gelato

got these info from the net. ok? learned something new? i surely did! let's move on!

of course khaleef was super excited. surprisingly he didn't want his favorite strawberry flavor. instead, he chose a vanilla-like ice-cre---oh, sorry vanilla-like gelato, which has a weird italian name that means milk and choc. oh, ok. one scoop of that, with chocolate, please.

not much variety of gelato for those adventurous ones, but we're not - so i wasn't bothered with the lack of weird tastes and flavors. i ordered my ever favorite flavor the classic chocolate, (i say 'classic', mr. khairul would say 'boring' and 'unimaginative'. huh!) with my new favorite flavor, the green-colored gelato - pistachio. yum.

oh, how's the gelato parlour? well, not much to say since the only thing that's cute is its floor with the brand name across. other than that, the place actually looked bare with just this purple neon light on, white plastic chairs and bar-like glass rack at the back of the counter for the ice-cream glasses.

at first sight i thought it hasn't opened yet and still undergoing interior decorating!

i have to say that the cup looked cheap with gaudy colors. i mean for a makan place in dubai marina walk, kenalah buat design comel sikit. the name is cute, as well as the font and logo, so put that on the cup! it needs serious re-branding starting with this awfully tacky ice-cream cup.

besides, the gelato tastes as creamy and rich as it's supposed to so match it with the ice-cream cup, woncha?

we took our cups outside and sat on the few white chairs while enjoying the cool summer-end breeze.

the 'cone street gelato italiano' is on the first floor, and here's the view from where we're eating. just a quarter part of the dubai marina walk bazaar (which i thought occurs only on weekends).

after a wholesome, heavy gelato treat, khaleef took the time to run amok across 'the walk'. kahfi, your time will come soon. be patient, my son!

notice the beach and the sea far across, right behind khaleef?

the sun is setting. time to go home, dude!

on the walk home, we came across this fountain with awesome colorful lights that change like in some tacky discotheque. tummy full of yummy gelatos, we stood there for a good minute, just enjoying the view and the play of water shooting out in different heights and from all sorts of angle.

we stood there quiet, just us. enjoying the moment.


Nazirah Sharifuddin said...

sedap la plak tengok. rase nak gi makan ice cream lak. slurpp..

Syigim said...

azi, tunggu syida balik :P

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