Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Going Bananas!

i'm nuts over bananas. the fruit, lepat pisang, cekodok pisang, goreng pisang, kek pisang, lempeng pisang, muffin pisang, waffle ngan pisang, banana split - you name it. i'm nuts over pisang.

oh, but i tried this banana ice-cream once - not good. trust me. i'm a pisang nut.

and so it goes that one day, i thought of goreng pisang. man, i love goreng pisang. goreng pisang makcik bawah back in abah's house in ipoh. goreng pisang makcik tepi jalan at kg lalang, mr. khairul's kampung. goreng pisang depan masjid where our nikah took place. i miss those goreng pisang!

so i decided, it ain't so difficult and i should try frying some banana fritters myself. ok stop gelak - memang this was my first time frying goreng pisang. especially since i'd be making my own batter, and not using any tepung goreng pisang adabi!

yesterday we went marketing in spinneys, and got the filipino pisang because that's what it says. oh, another confession - both khairul and i had absolutely no idea what kind of bananas needed to make goreng pisang. haha. pisang awak ke, pisang saya ke, pisang tanduk ke - we can't even tell which is which banana!

so we bought one sikat, and hope it tastes good!

what do i need? (the simplest 'recipe' i found that involves the ingredients i already have in my kitchen - pasal takde tepung beras!)

  • bananas
  • flour
  • 3 spoons of cookin oil
  • water
  • lil bit of salt & sugar
  • lil bit of serbuk kunyit

- mix all!

did i mention that i love the color yellow? hmm. yellow. banana. probably there's a connection somewhere. haha.

ok back to my maiden effort to make goreng pisang - i cut it out in my own 'suka hati nak bentuk ape' way, dip it in the batter, and put them in the already acceptionally hot cooking oil.

after few minutes of wondering whether they're ready, i can see they're turning golden, and crispy hard to the touch. it's done!

i waited a few while before trying out one. not bad! (takpe takde orang puji, puji diri sendiri) bravo me and me first try!

khaleef the banana boy

khaleef was enjoying it tremendously. pasal dia pun hantu pisang. but the sneaky boy sat right in front of the plate of goreng pisang the whole time and gobbled 'em all up, that i only got to eat a few slices, and mr. khairul didn't even get to eat one!

what did kahfi eat for breakfast? he ate a bunch of banana mash, then he quit and wanted his fav gingerbread man biscuit with grape juice. i absolutely love watching him eat the gingerbread man. coz he'd be holding the cookie with both hands - and always eats the head first, like a giant baby on a gingerbread man massacre! haha. totally adorable!

ok, goreng pisang, anyone? and while you're at it, here's an interesting page on the goodness of my fav food of all time, banana! click here!


arin said...

sama la..kak arin BUTA PISANG.tau pisang emas je.tapi suka sangat pisang. mkn gitu, pengat pisang, grg pisang, banana split.masak lemak pisang je kurang sket.

Yuslinda said...

la kesiannya syigim,
pisang yang awak goreng tu utk makan sedaplah,tapi kalu goreng kureng sikit sbb dia makan minyak banyak.nantilah cian dia, datang umah kak linda bile khairul ada yek,kak linda gorengkan pisang utk sygim.

Syigim said...

>> nasib bek ade gang kak arin hihi.. a ah, pisang emas je kenal! ;) wah, masak lemak pisang blom penah dgr lagi! lemak nangka ngan nenas biase..

>> hahahah.. tu la kak linda main bantai je asal ade pisang, beli n try goreng sket.. hihi.. jadi lah tu! :)

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