Sunday, November 29, 2009

Khaleef's Ol Bike is Kahfi's New Bike

handing down clothes, toys and other stuff baby needs not only saves money, saves the hassle of preparing clothes and items for a new baby, but it's the most practical thing to do. especially for clothes - when your next kid is also the same gender. for us, we bought only a few new baby clothes for kahfi as sort off a 'zero birthday present' or when we see a cute baby do that we just had to have.

since kahfi has already mastered 'sitting down' with a double degree in 'standing' and 'crawling fast', not forgetting nearly completing his doctorate in 'walking' - it's time for kahfi to try out his abang's old bike.

can you guess which one is khaleef and which one is kahfi?

the red 'policeman' bike was khaleef's 1st birthday present from my wonderfully wacky colleague - mohana, dora, jennifer, jo, haida, and my bosses ms e and ms e - way back in 2005. believe it or not, it's still bubble-wrapped up nicely, as it hasn't been open since we brought it from malaysia.

khaleef was the most excited seeing me unravel his old bike, and was even more ecstatic that i told him i'm wiping and cleaning it up for kahfi. he even helped stop kahfi from entering the room i was in, as if it was a surprise!

for a boy's bike, i was glad that it was in mint condition under the carefully sealed bubble wrap. with a little wiping and scrubing, it was as good as new!

kahfi was very curious at first, particularly at its tyres as it went round and round. when he finished inspecting it, khaleef fiercely insisted that it's time to put kahfi on. on the bike, kahfi was surprisingly less enthusiastic than i expected, but he continued to be curious nonetheless. kobek tu kobek ni.

he only sat there for awhile - then he cried and wanted to come down. i took him out off the bike, sat him down next to it, and watched him inspect the bike again. probably not ready to be on the bike yet! but he's fascinated, that's for sure!

* * *

meanwhile enjoy a public service announcement by kahfi, on making sure you have a safe journey balik kampung.

done? good!

* * *

since kahfi showed no further interest in riding the bike - ape lagi - si abang went for it! i think he was particularly happy that he was able to ride a bike inside the house (as his jack sparrow bike is always parked outside the door coz its tyres has accumulated dirt for frequent usage!)

ini budak empat tahun yang xmalu naik bike baby

at the time of writing khaleef is still on the bike, showing the ropes to junior biker kahfi. when kahfi is ready, he'll take over!


arin said... least khaleef budak 4 tahun naik bike for budak nearly umur satu tahun kira ok la.kak arin?kadang2 lepas gian, naik bike hanum..hahahhaha..

paij188 said...

I agree, me too in my family it's like a tradition passing down stuff. It saves a lot of money! Lgpun sayangkan barang elok2 lagi..

p.s. my dad always complain to my mom "camne la nak dapat anak lelaki, semua baju lama disimpan (baju girl).." now, my mom x bg I simpan2 baju2 lama Tini, but i sayang la.. cantik2 lg.. Falisha bole pakai.

Syigim said...

>> oh no, kak arin.. tu masalah negara tu hihihii.. sian anum kang beskal dia kemek :P

>> kalo camtu fairus you hafta gimme tini's gowns n dresses, i kasi khaleef's sweatshirts & jeans buat simpanan! :P

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