Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Khaleef!

k h a l e e f.

happy birthday!

birthday boy

at the time of writing he's taking every single toy from his toy chest - from the big caterpillar heavy machinery toys to the lil free happy meal toys - from the guest room to the front hall. on top of that, he has positioned all our available pillows around the toys, and placed his ben10 comforter right on top.

right now he's inside, playing. oh, and shaun the sheep is playing in the background. and this is after a hefty choc banana waffle birthday brunch. all while wearing his fav t-shirt, the white with black side stripe, just like the one worn by his fav hero, ben tennyson.

way to spend a birthday, dude!

khaleef the baby was extremely easy to manage. he was seldom cranky, hardly threw a temper tantrum, and a heavy sleeper.

speaking of sleep, he only needs to hold someone's hand as he drinks his milk, or when he's sleepy - and he would be in la-la land in no time. easy pizzy. no need to tepuk-tepuk, dodoi-dodoi or sleep in buaian. all he need is for us to give him a hand!

now the lil dude could sleep on his own, but when the occasional manja bug caught him, he'd squeeze up to us and take our hands as he dozes off.

* * *

khaleef is one active boy. he'd jump and skip and move his hip whenever there's a chance. though his bapak exposed him to all sorts of physical activity - at the gym, swimming, golf and shooting - his passion has always been football.

from the moment he could walk and run, he was already kicking balls. the first ever ball we bought him was this super huge beach ball - light and airy - easy for him to kick around.

if you have anything round around the house, better keep 'em away when khaleef is around, or he'd start kicking!

his second passion would probably be the animals. he's as curious as the next cat when it comes to animals. we've only taken him to three zoos - the melaka zoo was his first zoo visit, then the singapore zoo and recently, the al-ain zoo in abu dhabi.

there's a super huge aquarium in dubai mall, and he's never tire of looking at the fishes despite countless of visits. always in awe and wonderment, as if seeing them for the first time. i remember a trip to sharjah aquarium where he went nuts spotting nemo and dory among the fishes!

it is obvious how his eyes widened and his face lit up when he sees a moving creature - fur, fins, feathers and fangs - he loves 'em all!

khaleef's funny faces

his atuk (my abah) calls him 'funny boy' especially when he sings disney songs loudly and incomprehensibly. i know for sure he takes after his mak (the family clown) when it comes to being goofy and silly funny.

this funny boy loves strawberry ice-cream and strawberry jam. oddly enough, he's not much of a chocolate fan like normal kids! he could gobble up plates of pasta and always, always ask for second and third helpings!

he also loves all disney animated movies and enjoys jack sparrow, indiana jones and jurassic park movies. his fav cartoon is ben10 and currently reading 'the cat in the hat' and i'm very proud that he can read some pages all on his own!

sigh. four years we have been blessed by your presence, khaleef, and many, many more years to come for you to amuse us with your antics and worry us with your mischiefs!


we'll wait till it's cool enough, then we'll move our feet towards the new ice-cream store just opened at the walk. 3 gigantic scoops of strawberry ice-cream? you got it!


hani said...

happy b'day khaleef!! lots of love from aunty hani :)

FiDa@aMiDa said...

happy birthday khaleef semoga menjadi anak yg soleh

Syigim said...

>> thanks org korea! ;)

>> thanks auntie fida..! nk cupcake satu? :P

Anonymous said...

happy birthday son.
dont put more stress on mak..



nekPP said...

happy happy birthday to KHALEEF!!!
hug n kisses from nekpp muwahhhsss ;))

Syigim said...

>> too late, honey. i let him do WHATEVER he wants that day - so it was pretty stressful tryin not to be angry!!!

>> thanks nekPP. eh, kalo khaleef kena panggil oyangPP la ye hahaha :P

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