Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cutesies of the Planet

the 'cutest baby of the planet 2009' organized by mombloggersplanet will be held in january 2010. the sponsors for the prizes are superb!

there's a few photo-shoot services, children's boutique, online bookstore and many more!

so far there are 10 contestants, chosen from the first and 2nd place winners of the monthly 'cutest baby' contest including my lil kahfi! hip hip hooray!

2 from 'cutest baby in red'
2 from 'cutest baby in car seat'
2 from 'cutest baby with toys'
2 from 'cutest baby with bottle'
2 from 'cutest baby in stroller'

coming soon are 2 cutest baby in nature, and another 2 from the december contest that has yet to be announced.

the babies are super cute, but all lucky stars and fairy dust on kahfi yah!

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