Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's the Mad Scientist's Birthday!

it's syimot's special day today. the brain in the family. the microbiologist of the lot. the mad scientist. the miss grumpy of our 5-dwarfs-team. occasionally suffering from the middle child syndrome. my sister.

happy birthday!

if i had said that i have few things in common with my youngest sis azot, i have even lesser things in common with syimot. even our personality clatches - and if we were in the same class or college, i bet we wouldn't be seen hanging out in the same gang.

but sisters and siblings are made to be colorful and diverse, and that's our place in this great big world. she was born two years after me, and since then on had been my greatest gaduh-buddy. but long story short, mak's passing has tremendous effect on us both - and we became closer than we ever did before.

Allah works in mysterious ways, and Maha Mengetahui. inilah hikmahnya. air dicincang memang takkan putus!

ok, let the picture above speaks of my relationship with her, or heck - with all 4 sisters! but don't let the microbio-scientist tag fooled you into thinking she's downright nerdy and serious. she can cooked up a storm of laughter with funny little quips. she's alright! makcik-makcik sket - but alright! haha.

oh, and did i mention she's a much better cook than i ever hope to be?

in my personal opinion, the times we spent holidaying with abah and our two other younger sisters were the best of times. it was a time when college and work didn't separate us. time and distance of no issue. we were together, having fun, hanging out with the big guy abah.

syima & sufya

she mothered two lovely lil daughters; sufya and marissa who came out just a day before my flight back to dubai from malaysia. marissa is still too little, but we sisters joke about how sufya is already displaying traits of extreme grumpiness and temper trantum - just like mommy!

this is your day sis, so enjoy it all you can. may all your dreams come true - err, like finding cure for a major disease or save the world from an attacking malignant microorganism.

happy birthday again from your sister in dubai, and your nephews khaleef and kahfi. cheers!


Nazirah Sharifuddin said...

hahaha lawak. betol sangat2

Syigim said...

hohohoho.. bagus ade sokongan

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