Monday, November 16, 2009

Khaleef is 4 and a Day!

we didn't celebrate and do a full-fledge party just yet because bapak is busy - but he'll make up for it big time!

meanwhile here are well-wishes and birthday shout-outs from friends and family for my big baby khaleef khairul.

thanks everyone!

no cake for khaleef yesterday (we wanna wait for bapak) - this was his 1st bday cake :)

i waited till it struck midnight to put up this status update. khaleef was already asleep, and mr. khairul and i just gave him a slobbering kiss! *smile*

...and then morning came! he had banana choc waffle for his morning brunch, and was playing x-box happily.

...and my facebook wouldn't be complete without a picture of khaleef as a baby!

* * *

the first one to wish khaleef was his maklong accompanied by a birthday e-card! thanks yong, for the card! then came the birthday wishes from the rest of the podin sisters. no wishes from syida? well, she wants to be extra special and wished khaleef while we're ym-ing!

* * *

my aunts (my mak's sisters) also joined in to wish khaleef! thanks auntyna, thanks cik!

* * *

khaleef is the first grandchild, and first nephew to mr. khairul's siblings so they MUST make it a big deal that this is khaleef's birthday! haha. here are the wishes from the girls :

* * *

thanks again, everyone!


nekPP said...

mak!!! kek cunlah!! nak nak nakkk ;p

Syigim said...

choc brownie from secret recipe! i miss secret recipe - best cakes in the world!! :))

Mama Safiyyah said...

he's one lucky boy.....may Allah bless him always....

Syigim said...

thanks yeen! hey the kids are lucky lah to have funky moms like us!! ;)

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