Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Youthful Yong Turns 32!

syimee, yong, cikgu syazrin, mama, maklong (or mak LON in khaleef's pronunciation), mee goreng, mee rebus, mee bandung, mee maggi, kg simee - she's my eldest sister and today is her birthday! at thirty two, and 3 kids, she looked fresh out of college (out of form 5 tu melampau la kan, also no need to kembangkan her hidung today coz her hidung already kembang).

happy birthday yong!

as a person, she's the epitome of beauty and grace (if you leave out the shrill voice and chipmunks chatter hihi) and is always the feminine one of us five. syima is close behind, while syida and azi have more funk in their style while i was very, very boyish!

when we go out, i always have this tendency to be the one protecting her, especially away from suspicious suitors, secret admires and creepy stalkers!

we're different as day and night when it comes to personality, characters, likes and dislikes - she's feminine, i'm boyish. she has long, wavy tresses while i sported an extremely short boycut! she laughs, and i make all the jokes. she cooks, i collect stuff. but we're bonded in a way i could never explain.

yong awarded best teacher advisor for english language society at her school

as a career woman she has had her share in the rat race - been working awhile in kl as well as ipoh. she left a desk job in the competitive work environment to join the teaching field, and became a wonderfully dedicated teacher.

this, ladies and gentlemen, is a person who chose to be a teacher, not because it's the only thing she could do, or because she couldn't qualify for anything else - she does it because of a passion to educate, and a drive to feed young minds.

i'm sure teacher syimee got a lot of roses and chocs today!

us at a red & white party @ auntyna's place

us sisters are very lucky that yong is able to duplicate some of mak's best dishes - my fav mak's lauk ayam masak merah, mak's karipap and the best, most important of all - mak's chicken rendang which is a must-have on hari raya. malam raya - even if she's spending it at her hubby's place in manjoi, she has to come over for awhile to make rendang!

she has also developed her own touch in the kitchen, resulted in the best ever caramel pudding. try hers and you'd never wanna buy another piece at a bazaar ramadhan. rasa rugi beli. baik suruh yong buat. hihi.

yong and her kooky younger sis

as a sister, she has been the best friend ever, and yes, tears started forming at the brink of my eye even as i started writing this sentence. pepatah melayu kata, kawan ketawa senang cari, kawan menangis susah nak jumpa. well she is my kawan menangis. a person who's there for me through my ups and downs, my fears and tears and my worst moments.

she listens and never judges, always with wise words and encouragements that i'll forever keep dear to my heart. she kept me going when things get tough and kept the pom-poms up when i need support.

you're always there for me, yong and i thank you for that!

us at tangga rumah opah, teluk intan

a sister, a friend, a teacher. someone to listen, and someone to share. someone to cook rendang, and someone to bake caramel pudding. someone to bully and someone to laugh at!

with a yb-to-be hubby, two boisterous boys and a chubby wubby girl, your life is near a complete bliss. man, her 2nd boy haqeem looks exactly like yong. from the sepet eyes, to the tip of his button nose!

i'm long-winded (mak selalu cakap) but even my words aren't enough to tell you how much you mean to me! love you lots and happy birthday, yong!


Yong said...

dearest syigim..

thanks, and many thanks for the lovely entry...a really good piece of writing bout me...hehe...gembira + sedih, mix feelings while reading it...sekejap tersengih sorang2...sekejap lagi menitis air mata ni...ish ish...really touched my heart. thanks again and miss u a lot! take care.

Fazila said...

itulah yong yg saya kenali juga....tak pernah tgk yong marah..heheheheh....

Syigim said...

>> of course i'm a good writer hohohahahhahaha.. yong, miss u lots too.. have a happy bday celebration!

>> yup kak lala. eh, lupa plak nk mention penah jadi penjual kopok roda ngan kak lala & kak azuwin hihihi :P

arin said...

apa kata u apply for MBP Contributors.i know u can do it!

Syigim said...

kak arin! so sweet of you to suggest.. dah check dah. kena tulih psl work from home n makin money thru blogging (both i don't do! hihi) cuma ade yg bole buat - write about 'blogging' - n thought to myself - ala apply je lah! hihi.. thanks a lot kak arin :)

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