Monday, November 9, 2009

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in Nature Contest

it's the monthly contest by mombloggers planet, and this time i'm really keen to join! the first contest was in june, 'the cutest baby in red' contest. see my entry here.

after then on, there were other interesting themes - 'cutest baby in stroller', 'cutest baby with bottle' and few more. this is a unique pict competition - without silly, complicated, bias voting system and not just another cute baby pict comp. it's cute baby pict contest with a theme!

and this month's theme is NATURE. click on the pict to learn more about the contest!

with many wonderful prizes to be won from photobook and alicewonders, i sure like to try a second time! here's my entry for this contest : cue soundtrack from aladdin, 'arabian night', please! *smile*

name : Kahfi Bin Khairul
d.o.b : 23 December 2008

in mombloggersplanet, it's stated that;

"Yes, if you have a picture of your baby outdoor – at the beach, in the park and even back in your village… you can enter this contest. The greener the environment, the better! Why nature? Because nature is good for babies!"

this picture with kahfi is certainly lacking of the green color, (i hope the judge won't mind! hihi) but why confine ourselves with only greenery as a source of nature when there's the blue sea, the red summer leaves, the grey cascade of waterfalls, the white snow, the orange sunset and, in my case - the brown desert sand!

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous."
~ Aristotle (B.C. 384–322)

masing-masing menawarkan pengalaman berbeza yang berharga untuk bayi!

this picture was taken in the middle of winter in the united arab emirates where we're currently residing. the vast desert invites us to explore its rich texture of its sandstone, granite rocks, boulder, pebble and endless sand.

the desert can be very hot during the day, and extremely cold at night - so we took cautionary measures to make sure kahfi was comfy in his thick wooly rompers, complete with headgear to keep his head warm too!

* * *

dubai is a very fast moving city with honks of noises and heaps of carbon monoxide from the ever increasing traffic. they don't have tropical rainforest here, but they do have the vast desert to bring my baby kahfi;
  • to enjoy the peaceful silence of the desert
  • for babies to enjoy the calming scenery of endless sand as far as the eye can see
  • they can feel the different texture of sand in the palm of their hand, as a stimulation to the sense of touch
  • they can enjoy the sight of animals like camels and the arabian oryx, which are hardly seen in other natural environment
  • develops a deep sense of curiosity as babies are introduced to new environment away from the confines of home
  • this provides a good moment of bonding between kahfi and i, as well as with his big bro khaleef and with bapak mr. khairul as all of us golek-golek and tread the sand together
* * *

what are the attractive prizes that awaits winners?

first prize winner gets a gorgeous item to immortalized your memories - from Photobook Malaysia - 1 medium landscape or medium portrait HARDCOVER Photobook worth rm144! get your holiday pictures, wedding shots or your babies' birthday parties photographs - and compile them all in one fantastic book; printed, binded and posted just for you!

just download a software from the site, upload your precious photo collection, design and arranged them anyway you want, order your photobook and they'll do the rest for you! easy pizzy!

another prize for winners is a bag of my choice (pick ANY bag worth rm50 - rm200) from AliceWonders, the online shopping realm offering stuff lovely ladies would love - bags! there's a flowery backpack that i would love to have!

* * *

so mommies out there - pack your nappy bags, take out the bathing suits, suntan lotions or caps and sunglasses. it's time to take your babies outdoor to be one with nature!


jiji said...

nicee one!

Syigim said...

thanks jiji.. lotsa competition psl i gamba desert je! :P

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