Thursday, June 4, 2009

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in Red Contest

there's a red hot contest goin on and i'm on board! woo woo! kahfi, win this for mak, okay? *smile*

MomBloggersPlanet is having a monthly Cutest Baby Photo Contest starting June 09. And, they have many great prizes to be won!

..and here's my baby boy, my second born - drumroll please..

name : Kahfi Bin Khairul
d.o.b : 23 December 2008

this is kahfi bin khairul and he was born on the 23rd of december 2008 which makes him 5 months last 23rd may!

kahfi absolutely should grab the title cutest baby in red because
  • with his cheeky smile, twinkling eyes and round pinchable cheeks, kahfi is the cutest!
  • kahfi can be a little devil sometimes - begging to be carried, screams for attention and slobbers all over mak's handphone but he's also definitely mommy's angel come night time - sleeps undisturbed all through each night, much to mak and bapak's delight! *wink wink*
  • just as soon as he learns how to pull up his tummy in a crawling position, he immediately able to pull up his knees as well! high up! that's my kahfi, my ambitious little red tomato!
  • oh, and his cheeks do turn red under the hot, hot dubai sun!

* * *

what does kahfi win for his mak should he be picked as the cutest baby in red?

first prize winner gets a gem from Photobook Malaysia - 1 medium landscape or medium portrait HARDCOVER Photobook worth rm144! the book looks classy and fantabulous. kahfi, mak wants this prize!

from the site, i found out that you can upload your precious photo collection using a downloaded software, design and arranged them anyway you want, order your photobook and they'll do the rest for you - in not time - voila - a nicely-binded book with glossy pages full of memories!

another prize for winners is a bag of my choice (pick ANY bag worth rm50 - rm200) from AliceWonders, the online shopping realm offering stuff lovely ladies would love - bags! - which is what i will get if (or when) i win! (kahfi taknak bag kan...? hihi)

* * *

alrighty then. my bloggirls anneeza, zainora, yanz, yus, fatimah and ziah, dubai girls fida and fairus with kiddos 0-3 yr old - start painting your kid red this month! contest opens til the 15th! hihi. kak arin jom join! click here --> MomBloggersPlanet to join!

to the judges, no need to crack your head now - just pick my Kahfi! ;)


Jiji said...

syigim.. apa kata u pakai lipstik merah kasi smooch sket kat pipi baby u tuh@!~ hehehe@!~

Jiji said...

eh kita beranak selang sehari laaaa hahahaha *pelok sket* boleh selebret bday sesama neh.

paij188 said...

ooh lil kahfi in red.. you just wait for falisha turned into 'the little lady in red' so that we can whip each others butt.... hahahah.. mak kahfi jgn mara ah..
p.s. kahfi do look a bit like chinese la.. hensem..!

Arin said...

syigim,haha..nih tgh korek baju bebudak nih pakai kaler merah..hanum still boleh nak masuk contest nih..

Syigim said...

hi jiji.. ye lah! ur lil anis 24th, kahfi 23rd.. br perasan ;) comellll pakai tudung ;) i'm adding ur link to my blog too k?

fairus, cepat-cepat! xsaba nk tgk lil falisha in hot red!

kak arin.. nanti kita jumpe kat msia kita color coordinate nk? kahfi n zara pakai baju kaler sama ;)

Anonymous said...

Is kahfi a SAGI?

firahadifa said...

menariknyer baju red devil tuh!

Syigim said...

anon!!!!! stop using anon!!!! (yes, you niraku!) and no, he's not a sagi. he's a capricorn..

firahadifa, you have a beautiful family! ;) baju red devil tu beli kat mothercare.. i LOVE mothercare! :) baju dia creative2..

Mama Safiyyah said...


Syigim said...

thanks yeen.. ko lah yg menyebabkan aku tau kahfi menang! hihi.. pagi2 buta @ dubai dpt notification.. ;)

thanks yeen!

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