Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nasi Lemak @ Fairoz & Fauziah's

one hot thursday at the mall of emirates' parking lot, we stumbled upon my dear friend fauziah and hubby fairoz. she had been *pestering* me to makan-makan at her house, and she did so again, much to my delight. orang dah ajak makan mesti lah nak! hihi. after 'negotiation', it was a date between two families, to meet the next day for dinner at her place in jumeirah.

fauziah was my junior back in uia. it was so nice to know someone from home while i'm here in this foreign land, someone who shares the same experience then, and now.

when we arrived at her house in jumeirah, her uncle, who's a restaurant owner was in the midst of cooking the oh-so piquant marinated chicken, fried with curry leaves and all sorts of thingymajigs used in such inviting dish! cool gile uncle ni!

we borak-borak in the kitchen and found out that his father-in-law was the owner of mubarak bookstore in ipoh! double cool! (orang ipoh kalo tak tau ni memang lah!) mubarak was 'the' place to get textbooks and reference books back in my days of schooling, before there were dynamics and popular bookstore.

too bad i didn't take the 'before' photos - by the time i remembered i needed to take shots for my blog, all the was left was only good enough for the 'after' shots! that was how good the chicken and sambal were. we really ate our hearts out! the only 'complain' mr. khairul had was the sambal should be way, way spicier! lagi pedas lagi bagus!

we had a good laugh - borak-borak about how great ipoh city is (since fairoz and i am from ipoh, while fauziah's uncle's in-laws are in ipoh as well). the ladies of course borak about our kiddos - the naughty bits and the heart-fleeting moments!

it was a simple nasi lemak meal but nothing beats a home-cooked meal, prepared with warm welcome of a good company. it's not just the food, but the affable people around me!

khaleef, azfar and hana

what were the kids up to?

the Fs have two adorably cheeky kids, azfar whose the same age as khaleef, and little hana, whose been deemed by both parents - the mafia in the family. girl power!

the boys spent the evening running around chasing each other, throwing balls and generally making noise. khaleef had a whale of a time, finally playing with someone his age for a change - rather than playing x-box with bapak or card games with mak or peek-a-boo with kahfi.

he didn't even want to salam the uncles and auntie fauziah before we left, as he didn't really want to leave. and trying very hard not to cry. we come again next time, okay!

after the scrumptious meal, we were treated with a coffee cake i brought for her, and - a durian cake all the way from a bakery in singapore! being a picky (read : cerewet) eater, i immediately, and politely decline any offer to eat. i mean, to state the record straight - i am a hantu durian. i absolutely LOVE durian. i can even eat a whole loaf of bread dip in pengat durian, especially the one my mak used to make.

but durian 'cake'? naah. i'll pass.

"try!" fauziah urged. not to disappoint my hostess, and also to sort of personally challenge myself to a fear-factor moment, i took a bite of the durian cake.

hey. not bad. not bad at all. in fact, because it doesn't have the strong pungent durian smell, it actually taste really yummy. i just can't stand the durian-butter-cake fusion. i probably wouldn't have liked it much if it were too creamy. man, i would never, ever have tried durian cake, ever. until this moment! *grin*

but it was alright!

and since mr. khairul liked it so much, fauziah tapau one whole roll of durian cake for us to bring back home. thanks for that, and for welcoming us into your humble abode, for us to share plates of nasi lemak and bunch of stories, amusing and informational; helpful and delightful.

surviving in a foreign land, what is more precious than the open arms of a sincere friendship? thanks fairoz and fauziah!

until next time - location : dubai marina!

* * *

on the way out from dubai marina, mr. khairul tried the newly completed and ready-to-use highway connecting dubai marina (on my right) to the jumeirah lake towers (on my left). the road was still bare so we decided to jumped out and took a few shots in the middle of the road!

owh, and we got these great shots of mr. khairul and i, thanks to our talented little photographer, 3+ year old khaleef khairul. way to go, dude!


Fauziah said...

lovely...simply lovely...we had an awesome time ourself.

we shall meet had fun...

enjoyed reading this post so much...thank u sayang

Syigim said...

ur most welcome, dearie.. after the trip back to msia maybe we hook up again, yeah?

and also a central perk date ;)

Fauziah said...

sure thing, insyallah....

getting ready for the trip back now..not much time left....

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