Monday, June 29, 2009

Kahfi is 2nd Cutest in Red!

a cool informative site for malaysian mommies, mombloggers planet started a monthly cutest baby contest, with different theme each month. it will run until end of the year where the 1st and 2nd prize winners 'fight' for the title 'cutest baby on the planet'! for june it's Cutest Baby in RED!

and kahfi won 2nd prize! check out the announcement of winners and what we won here!

kahfi's entry for cutest baby in red!

i mean, of course kahfi is super-cute like me (betul lah! hihi) but the rest of the 129 contestants are mighty adorable too! memang banyak sangat yang cute. i especially like cheeky adam zuhair, sweet adam arsyad, handsome mikhail rifki, macho muhammad, and the charming zharif adlan! jom kita buat boy band lah! hihi.

if you wanna see the other super cute babies in red, click here!

it's cool that kahfi is second to miss anis 'manis' mardihah, because funnily enough, she's one picture that captured my attention during the run of the contest. i'm sure all mommies who entered their babies checked out their babies' competition, aight? so i did the same, clicking away at other blog entries.

i checked out jiji's blog (anis's mom) and i left a comment telling her how creative her shots were. (she surrounds her baby's face with a red silky cloth, giving the impression of a tudung-clad baby) creativity wins the day!

congrats to us! *clink clink*

* * *

khaleef's entry to the cutest baby contest in bsc

speaking of winning 2nd prize - when he's around 7-8 months old, we entered khaleef's photo in the cutest baby contest too - organized by bangsar shopping centre in colabo with toys r us.

and hey back then he won 2nd prize too!

we didn't know who won the first prize, because it wasn't on display even after the contest. i just got a call one day, telling me that khaleef won 2nd place and i had to collect the prizes at toys r us hq. mr. khairul went to get 'em - and it was a whole bunch of wrapped up presents - toys, lego set and a box of reading and writing activities, all courtesy of toys r us!

* * *

sigh. honey you're so lucky to have a super cute wife like me! hihi. big bear hug and snuffy wuffy kissies for my adorable baby boys khaleef and kahfi!

for mommies out there, the cutest baby contest by mombloggers planet is a monthly thing, so check out july's theme so that you can enter your baby and win awesome prizes! have fun and good luck!

to khaleef and kahfi, mak nak tunjuk posting ni kat girlfriend korang nanti okay? hihi!


Mama Safiyyah said...

hehehe khaleef and kahfi, trust me, your mak will definitely do what she says she wanna do (show your gfs the entry, i mean)

congrats syigim....he really is one cute lil angel..... :-)

Syigim said...

..cute like their mak (ayat standard ah ni)


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