Friday, June 5, 2009

Melbourne, Ipoh & Dubai

i miss my sisters!

today is a wonderful feel-good day. a day when smiling or laughing your head off is not enough to express your happiness. a day like when you eat ice-cream on hot waffles with choc syrup and a cherry on top. a day to feel like eating roti canai, nasi lemak bungkus, and a glass of iced milo all at the same time.

it's a nice day.

all 5 podin girls are online. syida in melbourne, yong, syima, azi in ipoh, and syigim in dubai - at the same time. yay!

yes, it's not easy getting this party of five to be online at the same time.

  • yong is always busy with school work. and when she does have time to go online, her notebook would conveniently be conquered by her two boys, haiqal and haqeeem.
  • syima is always busy with her thesis. busy, busy, busy.
  • syida is busy with assignments and the coming exams, but when she does go online, it was one fun session. sometimes after a long chat, just seeing her online make me feel closer to home.
  • azi has started working, so that busy-ness goes without sayin.

today, azi is in ipoh, syima is in ipoh, and yong who lived in ipoh joined them at abah's house. so here we are. we chat. yay!

funny when syida wrote : "korang ni dah la kat tempat yang sama. mesti kat dining table kat tengah tu!" - describing abah's house with this big dining table at the center of the house, between the front hall and the dry kitchen.

azi promptly replied, "cane syida tau!!!!" hihi. and my mind immediately goes to abah's house in ipoh, with the green roof and wide lawn. i miss the peaceful surrounding, the trees and the pasu-pasu bunga kertas yang berlambak lining up the front porch. i miss the wooden stairs leading up to my room. i hope the x-files and lord of the ring posters are still up the wall!

i really miss home!

syida, yong with haqeem, me with haiqal, abah and umi holding khaleef, syima holding cuya and 'peace' azi

my youngest sis wrote her facebook status as:

"with ngah and yong, ada mesyuarat tingkap. but ada missing 2 orang. :( yang kat dubai, syida at aussie. huhu."

we went online and gossiped. and at the time of writing the podin girls are still gossiping.

so i'll sign out now. gotta catch up on the latest gossip with our own mami jarum, syima and her secretary, azi. also big fan, yong and yang selalu ketinggalan syida and myself. see ya!

eh, abah buat ape?


nz said...

gambar tu best nye.. semua orang ade...
nanti printscreen la buh kat fesbuk plak k.

hidup mami jarum!

Syzrn Syda said...

btw, syida kat UM dlu mmg mkn roti canai+nasi lemak+milo ais mapley sekaligus in one meal.. :p

Gossip queen pemes lepas ni. secretary siap sokong lagi tu.

as soon as you sign out, abah online!

Arin said...

well i can imagine cemana meriah nye tm tadik..hehehe..tak lama lagi syigim nak balik..sabarrr ye!

Syigim said...

azot, Yang dah tag kat facebook.. gi tgk :P

syidot, ye ke abah online lepas tu!!! haiya! gamba ym tu patutu lagi lawa la kalo sume online including abah!! ruginye..!

so sweet komen kak arin! :) well, you got sisters too so u know how kecoh adik beradik girls can be right hihi...

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