Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Syigim : I am 30!

happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me
happy birthday to syigimmmmmmmm
happy birthday to me!

my sisters went all the way to make their birthday wish extra special with home-made videos and self-made animated e-cards!

* * *

this is a shot from a short and sweet plus extremely adorable video of my nephews haiqal and haqeem and niece husna singing 'selamat hari jadi'. well, actually only haiqal was singing whole-heartedly. haqeem looked like some kid yang malas mengaji tapi kena paksa ngaji kuat-kuat, while husna jual mahal, eh!

LATEST: i just embedded the video from yong's facebook. enjoy her kids' cuteness - the triple 'h' - haiqal (suara paling kuat), haqeem (nak taknak je nyanyi) and husna (tak tengok kamera!)

and this is the picture yong posted on my fb wall. i'm SO cute, aren't i? i love this picture. it's the very definition of our character-difference as sisters. she, the lovely, demure, soft-spoken elder sis - and i, the spunky, kooky, tomboyish younger sis.

i love you so much, yong and thanks for the video yang comel sangat-sangat!

* * *

my first younger sister syima, (also sweet, demure, soft-spoken bla bla bla - do i see a pattern here?) also did a special compilation of our pictures together in fb. some cute ones, and some yucks one where my thigh looks like kayu merbau - so i took this one out to show you guys what a family clown i really am.

and even at 30, i don't think it'll change.

thanks, gossip queen! i'll be back home soon, where gossips never die...

* * *

my second youngest sister syida made an animated birthday e-card just for me! it is so so cool, especially considering who's actually gracing the card - me!

sigh. i'm still so cute at 30. (stop snickering. it's my birthday.)

she also made a fantabulous birthday tribute to me in her blog. check it out here!

thanks, syida! i know your creativity was inspired by all those years of sharing a room with a creative genius like me. it's okay. you don't need to mention it. *snicker*

* * *

finally, my adik bongsu. thanks azi, Yang balik nanti kita makan kfc, satay kajang, goreng-goreng macam dulu.

i want:

  1. nando's
  2. waffle world
  3. ice-cream (lupa nama ice-cream stall kat one utama tu)
  4. marble cheese cake/banana choc cake at secret recipe

when we drive to UPM see whether khaleef still remembers it's where we have to pick up mak su...

* * *

here's another card hand-made by syida. thanks yong, syima, syida, azi - you guys made my day. love you so much and really can't wait to spend every second in malaysia with you!

p/s: coincidentally, at the time of posting this, i got an sms from abah and umi : "Happy Birthday Syigim, Wishing U, Khairul, Khaleef and Kahfi many happy returns. Barakallahu Fik. Take care, see you all soon. Insya Allah. Lots of love from us."



neeza said...

hepi bday, syigim.. still young and sweet right.. :-)

FiDa@aMiDa said...

happy 30th besday syiqim...

muda lagi tak nampk pon mcm 30an hehehhee

Mother of Two said...

syigim.. happy bithday.. bila nak ada acara2 potong kek nie:)

Syigim said...

>> anneeza, we're forever youthful! still cute, cheeky and riang ria for sure! ;)

>> thanks fida :)) patut mintak fida bakekan kek bentuk burj al arab la for my bday hihihihihi..

>> thanks sheila! tu la nk tunggu chef fida buat kek bentuk burj arab hihi.. ;)

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