Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Eye Yam She Game


eye yam she game ant twothey eye one two right inn home more nyms, (words that sound alike but have different meanings)

dad mints eye cane right worlds lick disc!

eat ease red dig cool less two odour pee pearl ant sum tink eat ease stew pig, butt eye laugh eat bee cost eat ease sew far knee! ! disc ease sew want the fool ant fare bull less! fer test tick! yew can dew eat two! eye wheel weight four yore right thing!

ok, goat two go! eye knead two kook sum cheek can four mr. high roll, bee cost hour see foot fee niche all rare thee! eye mast go bee four eye gate silly pea. sea yew ladder! dot bee knot tea ant go ship-go ship!

cheque hear two sea moor!

* * *

i am syigim and today i want to write about homonyms.

that means i can write words like this!

it is ridiculous to other people and some think it is stupid but i love it! this is so wonderful and fabulous! fantastic! you can do it too! i will wait for your writing!

ok, got to go! i need to cook some chicken for mr. khairul because our seafood finish already! i must go before i get sleepy! see you later! don't be naughty and gossip-gossip!

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Arin said...

gue mabuk baca entry nih!

jiji said...

ni aku rasa orang minom nira kelapa terlebih je neh boleh tulis gini@!~

Syigim said...

>> kak arin, nanti syigim put up d *translation* hihi..

>> jiji.. i trlalu byk tgk shawn the sheep dgn budak2 ni.. :P

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