Sunday, June 7, 2009

Why You Blog, Why I Blog

do you blog? i was very interested in this particular posting by my youngest sister, azi.

blog is the IN thing kan?

semua orang ada pendapat masing-masing tentang blog. tak semua orang bekongsi di blog. tak semua orang jadikan blog macam diari. tak semua orang jugak yang jadi diri sendiri di blog.

kita tulis di blog apa yang kita nak bagi orang tahu dan baca apa yang kita buat. tu kata sesetengah orang. ada juga cakap, macammana kita tulis di blog, tu la kita tulis di diari.

teringat kata-kata seseorang, 'saye tak suke tu utk mereka yg nak menunjuk

one of her readers commented, "memang aku nk menunjuk. mane la tau ade yang nk tgk." which i think is amusing but very true!

* * *

"not everybody shares in blogs."

i came across a posting that was solely about this gal getting her period that day. and how she felt. and the stomach ache. and the buying of pads. just these points. in one posting. now this is something i don't see myself posting about. ever. i just feel that it's too personal, even trivial. but some find it okay.

then again, i did blog about my labor moments - the agonizing wait, the labor pain, the opening and the baby coming out - some might find this to be terribly personal.

hak masing-masing!

* * *

"not everyone uses blogs as a diary."

day one. day two. day three. day twenty one. day fifty seven. everything done on every single day. posted on blogs.

some diaries are account of their child's milestones - boboy day two. boboy day twenty two. boboy 2 months. boboy 1 year. boboy can reach. boboy start crawling. boboy ate solid food. boboy can say 'mama'. boboy, boboy, boboy.

usually these blogs are for the reading pleasure of their loved ones, relatives, dear friends who will go "awwww..." for me, i'd even put up ridiculously pointless postings about khaleef and kahfi, because i know somewhere out there, their aunties would go "awwww..." *grin*

these mommies (moms la usually. rasenye tak pernah came across daddy blogging ONLY about their children) blog only about their kids, and even other activities that they blog about would still revolve very closely around their kids.

in my opinion blogs like this should include a how-to too. (note to self!) like i once read a posting of how her girl has started eating solids, so she describes how she made porridge and includes the recipe as well. sounds so simple but perhaps some new mommies out there can get an idea or two!

* * *

i am particularly drawn to the statement, "not everyone becomes their real selves in blogs."

i came across this blog by an acquaintance of mine. i know her as this super-funny, quick with one-line wit and a really bubbly character. to my surprise, her blog doesn't show any of that, at all. and it's not that she writes about serious issues - her writings just doesn't potray her as being this sunny person that i know. in fact it came across rather boring, monotonous and too careful.

first-time readers would've thought that she's a big dull dud!

in my opinion, one of the examples of a person who blogs as she really speaks is kak arin. her writing style is so lepak and personally relating to her readers, especially those who actually knows her in person. and when i read her postings, i can almost imagine her speaking in that selamba way. sincere, say-it-as-it-is writings!

as for myself, i think my sisters and close friends could attest whether or not in syigim's blog, what you read is what you get... as far as i know - this is how i speak! kan? kan?

* * *

this statement i agree strongly, "through blogs, we write whatever we want people to read, or know about what we're doing." we tapis, and write only what we want others to know.

blog gomen? ok, let's not go there since i'm shunning politics in my blog. by choice. *grin*

if you want people to know you've been attending concerts and been clubbing left and right, then that's what you'd blog about (so that your blog is super-happening), not about the pending assignments and the fact that tomorrow your parents are coming all the way from kokdiang, kedah to visit you...

* * *

"what you read in their blogs, is what they would write in a diary." their innermost hopes and fears described in detail - for all to read and scrutinize! feelings - happiness, sorrow, misery and anger - their blog is an open book to their most vulnerable self!

the life and times of a couple in love, for example. girl blogs. girl writes boy is coming to town. boy did not call. boy did not explain. girl blogs. tell all. then he did (through the comment sect, and yes, where everyone can read). stupid excuse, girl quote boy's exact sms in blog. girl criticize boy's sms. girl tells all what lame stuff boy said to pujuk. friends of girls write in comments kutuk-ing girl's boyfriend. boy apologizes. girl writes sickeningly sweet posting confessing her undying love. and this drama is for everyone's reading pleasure...

(this kind of blog should come with a warning : may cause reader to throw up.) *grin*

on the other hand, i chance upon a blog by a breast-cancer survivor who in one posting openly described her frustration at her husband's reaction when he first found out. from then on she described how they discussed about it, overcame it, and became better persons because of it. readers benefit from this sharing of such intimate conversations and discussions, to show that the spouse's support is important for cancer survivors to keep on going.

* * *

"blogging is for people to show-off."

now, don't judge me straight away - but i think this is partly me! hihi. especially referring to my precious, precious collections - my huge x-files memorabilia, my hundreds tissue and paper serviette collections, my stirrer, my lanyard, bookmarks, postcards, theater tickets, theater booklet, theme park maps... the list seems endless!

just as the 'girl' would say "sukati la nak tulis whatever about my boipren. i sayang dia tau! i nak satu dunia tau i saaaaaayang dia!" i would say something to that effect in my defense - i simply want people to know that such a person who collects tissue exist - me! and let's face it - i'm obviously 'showing off' my collection!

i nak menunjuk ni. tengok lah! *grin*

* * *

you know what kind of blog i want this to be?

i hope to be a very informative and helpful blogger. being in dubai gives me great advantage to write about life in a foreign country and i aim to make full use of it! tourist attractions, people and culture, language and tradition, local food and local activities, current weather and such - these are what malaysians living overseas should blog about.

i want to offer that kind of 'community service'! i hope, i wish!

some dubai friends of mine blog about food - and i absolutely LOVE blogs about food. not just because these ladies take time to make sure their food is presentable on camera (as they need to put picture of the dish in their blog) which make them look so delicious - but also because they're providing the 'community service' - sharing recipes!

i bet their recipes have helped tons of desperate mothers yang takde idea nak masak apa hari tu! including me!

my just10 friend anneeza seriously blogs about baby-wearing, cloth diaper and all sorts of breast-pump for breastfeeding mommies on the go! she doesn't just say "this is good. this is comfy. this is nice." she would review in detail few brands and state her preference, with reasons. she even include the price, and where to get it. she described in detail her experience using all kinds of slings and straps of baby carriers. it can really help those on the look-out for the best option.

speaking of helpful blogs, i'm proud to say that my sister syida has been blogging towards that. she's currently in melbourne and nowadays she would make sure to describe the how-to-get-there; complete with bus numbers, train, exact stop and directions. if i were to find out how to get to the melbourne sciencework museum, i only need to read her posting about it to get there. good job!

* * *

why do i blog? really?

i blog because i want to write. i love writing and i just want to keep on writing. i love words. single word. combination of words. play of words. i love their meaning, and how different words of similar meanings doesn't necessarily evoke the same emotions.

i love trying out new words, see how they fit in the scheme of my writings. yummy. tasty. delicious. what else can i write about this food to make my readers aware of what is delicious about it? what makes it tasty, what makes it yummy.

if i write, makanan kat situ sedap. full stop. will my readers know how sedap? sedap to me maybe because it's not spicy at all. what about my readers who love spicy food? and makanan yang mana? was it the lauk? was it the mee goreng? was it the fried rice?

i want to really write to describe, not just write for the sake of writing a bunch of ABCs!

* * *

then again, that's just me. there's me, and there's you. my blog, and yours.

like the opening of azi's blog posting - "semua orang ade pendapat masing-masing tentang blog."

hope it serves your purpose!


Arin said...

hari tuh kak arin teringat nak buat entry regarding kenapa kita tulis blog..macam ader instinct aje..

FiDa@aMiDa said...


setuju dgn you tulis blog untuk org tau perkembangan tentang diri kita di perantauan dan sharing teknik masakan/resepi dan bukannya nak menunjuk-nunjuk :)

check out these postings too!

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