Friday, June 19, 2009

New Restaurant, New Baby, New Book

it's a new weekend, and i bring good tidings! of a new restaurant we tried, a new baby we welcome, and a new book i can't wait to devour!

* * *

as usual, we embrace the weekend and go makan-makan!

we stopped by this quaint little 'diner' before visiting afza and aida who welcomed their newborn baby boy yesterday morning. it's the 'metro falcon restaurant & cafeteria'!

this red restaurant is situated right next to the ramadan jumah mosque in sheikh zayed road. we went there with mr. khairul's mckk schoolmate kamil, who said it's a fav food joint for malaysians especially after friday prayers because it's right next to the mosque.

khaleef tensen juice dia tak sampai-sampai lagi!

if you went to any of these kind of restaurants around dubai, the menu would have similar content - types of briyani rice, choices between grilled chicken and lamb, types of bread - paratha, dosa (tose) and such.

and, khaleef's fav - a seemingly endless choices of juice - from single mango or orange to fusions of kiwi and strawberry. you can also opt to order a tall glass of 'cocktail' - a combo of god-knows-what sorts of fruits! interesting to note that there's a ciku juice spelled 'chickoo'. catchy!

khaleef enjoying his juice more than the roti canai

want roti canai? they got 'em. you can choose to pair it up with the usual chicken curry, or go with what we ordered - paratha (roti canai) with keema lamb which essentially is minced lamb curry with green peas. i don't think their roti canai surpass the hot, fresh fluffiness of the ones in green city, but if you're around sheikh zayed road and teringin nak makan roti canai, this will do just fine.

other than the paratha and keema lamb, we also ordered a dish of prawn fried rice and a set of grilled chicken. they're not particularly excellent but decent enough since they're freshly grilled and fried.

if you notice in the picture, we also slurp bowls of chicken corn soup. i'm not much of a soup fan (mr. khairul can slurp sup tulang, tomyam, sup ekor, sup ntahape lagi) but to me, pizza hut's mushroom soup is the only soup i sip! however, i can add this chicken corn soup to my yummy soup list!

wanna know what's chicken corn soup? click here to read my review! and when you're along sheikh zayed road and feels like roti canai-ing, just drop by! it's right next to the mosque, and it's red - you won't miss it.

* * *

after the makan-makan, we tapau some roti canai for the As and headed on to medcare, to celebrate their newborn baby boy named 'Nor Adly'. looks like afza got his fathers day present early this year!

mabruk! mr. khairul quipped that this is the second future koleq boy born in dubai. hmm.

junior nur adli meeting senior kahfi

tucked snugly in his cutesy zoo-animal-comforter, he is perfectly adorable! mama and baby boy sihat belaka! in fact aida was her usual chatty self. afza still seemed to be tired from his long-hour 'ordeal' waiting in the labor room with beloved wife, aida - but clearly a beaming dad.

as usual when these three boys of mckk get together, what else do they borak about? economic situation? right. at that moment i really, truly believe that boys gossip as much - oh, yes AS MUCH - as their ladies counterpart. haha.

congrats again to the As - afza, aida, first daughter alya and new addition, son adli. now you guys are four!

* * *

remember the book that i wanted? refresh your memory here.

i got 'the phantom tollbooth' from kinokuniya at dubai mall! i know it must be in the young adult section - and true enough - there it was! i was so excited and held my breath to look over at the price, half hoping that it'd be at least less than 50dhs, what with the price of books in uae...

and it's only 30dhs! i grabbed the book with no second thought. ok, i better put a dot here already coz i'm dying to read the first page! gasp!

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