Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Birthdays & Workdays

with my anticipated day of turning 30, and packing for my trip back to malaysia, i forgot to spend a few space in my humble blog in birthday dedications to two just10 buddies, and two sibling cousins.

happy birthday to

  • hani turned 30 on the 23rd
  • anneeza joined the 30s club on the 25th
  • nadhirah turned 15 on the 27th and
  • rini is 24 on the 30th - today! (cakap lah bunga tu sape bagi?!)

* * *

they were both there on the day mr. khairul and i first met. let's just say they were the first of our siblings who met either one of us - my youngest sis azi and mr. khairul's younger sis tina.

funnily enough, both would have something significant this coming weekend : one would finished her industrial training, and another would start on one.

azi would wrap up her industrial training this coming friday, taking with her bags of wisdom, experience and priceless knowledge. throughout her practical, we followed her office-adventure through facebook; sometimes funny, at times seemed tired, but always with a positive attitude!

meanwhile, tina would begin her practical training in genting come monday next. she was 'heart-broken' knowing that she probably could not spend as much time with khaleef as she had plan to, being stuck up there with the high-rollers! well, we make the best with what we have so two days would be awesome when they're well spent!

to azi, have a great start on your continuing pursuit of education and to tina, good luck on your new job!

* * *

the next time i talk to you guys, i'd be on a different geographical spot. watch this space.

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