Saturday, June 20, 2009

In The Mood for Italian

it's 33 degrees out, quite windy - not a bad day to hang out at 'the walk', dubai marina. from our apartment, we just crossed the road - and we're already there at one end of 'the walk'! the end lot is occupied by pizza hut, and it's restaurants and cafes all the way till the other end.

check out my review when we went to 'bob's easy diner', here at 'the walk', dubai marina. click here.

khaleef at the walk

to the peeps back home, this is the atmosphere at the walk. the hustle and bustle of people walking by, sitting at the tables outside - yikes! summer panas-panas pun ade orang nak duk kat luar? there are a lot of restaurants and cafes here; from fast food joints, bakery to semi-fine dining. chinese, lebanese or italian - pick and choose!

we were thinking of pizza, and through our walk, we spotted 5 pizza places - pizza hut, the pizza company and three other new ones to try. mr. khairul said there are more places up front but with the summer heat, we didn't wanna walk too far. khaleef was already sweating!

so we put our foot down, and walked into 'napoletana', boasting wood-baked homemade pizza.

there are no floats or pictures of boats but the atmosphere in 'nepoletana' gives the impression of a little italian place right by a seaport. the white bricks, white wooden panels and white planks as ceiling with a hint of blue here and there - it's like i know i will see the sea whenever i look outside. (there's no sea of course, it's way up front).

blue-framed, black and white pictures adorned the walls, adding the nostalgic feel of a breezy, nonchalant day by the sea. the wooden tables and chairs are just your run-of-the-mill dining table, so you get that added homely feel.


my khaleef

the cherry on the cake had to be the flute playing in the background! mr. khairul said that it reminded him of p. ramlee's pendekar bujang lapuk where a lovely flute sound accompanied a scene at the penambang. ingat tak?

mr. khairul wanted anything with pepperoni, so the waiter suggested the 'quattro stagioni' - pizza with beef, pepperoni, mushroom toppings, olives and mozarella cheese!

i'm game!

while waiting for our order, we're given complimentary olive bread and bread sticks, served in a standing cone thingy. khaleef yang habiskan!

it wasn't a long wait. we got out pizza hot from the old-style wood oven! it had a thin, crispy crust, the one you have to fold to eat. unlike the other pizzas i'm used to, where they spread the toppings all over the round pizza pastry - the toppings on this pizza are divided equally in halves of four, on top - a quatrain of toppings - hence the name 'quattro'.

it's a change, but i still prefer the mixed-up toppings than this one!

i took the chance to take a shot of the 'oven' - to see how they wood-baked the pizzas. this chef is from lebanon, but he cheekily said that today he is italian, since he has the same look anyway! haha. he's cute so i laughed along. hihi.

it's fun to try new yummy places, but as far as pizzas are concern, my personal fav is still domino's! you too?

on the way to find makan place, we passed by this fountain with a couple of giggly kids going crazy in the middle of the fountain, getting themselves wet and cool amidst the hot summer wind. so on the way back, we let khaleef has his own fun.

it's hot, we're not driving anyway - so why not let khaleef go crazy and drench himself in between the fountains? he took off his shoes and got his pajama bottom wet doing what he absolutely love - playing with water!

* * *

a night of nostalgia in an itallian setting, munchin pizzas by the sea, and then cool-off at a fountain? it's a fine night, indeed!

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