Monday, June 15, 2009

Ready, Set, Write!

let's leave the heat for awhile, and go to one of my passions : writing.

if you love to write, or simply enjoy blabbering with a purpose, or you're just experiencing writer's block or you're doing nothing but refreshing your facebook page - then click here!

one word. that's what you're given. and then you write. don't think. just write anything that comes to your mind about that given word.

oh, and you have to do it in 60 seconds. period.

isn't that fun?! *wink*

this is how the page looks like when you click GO. the one word appear on top, in this case : ALARM. and then you must quickly start writing as the green line would slowly elongate into a sneaky snake that would eat up your time!

and you've only got 60 seconds!

* * *

these are some of the more creative bits i got from people who wrote on the word 'alarm' in 60 seconds. most of them started with "..I hate alarm clocks... I hate waking up to the sound of alarm clock.." it's all the same, and i was glad i wasn't among the majority who wrote the same mundane stuff.

however, i do wish i was as creative as some of the few i read.

i really envy some really creative ones - one on joke, another a sort of ficitional thriller, a cute funny poem and even a definition of the word 'alarm' itself. one even wrote about the word 'alarm' as its other meaning, 'shocked' - as in '..i was alarmed when...' - cool, eh?


Man that is nasty. What person would invent such a horrible way to wake up. How about a nice kind nudge? That really isn't the way we enter anything in life though is it? It is all a jump, a tear, a push. Build your wings on the way down.

i heard it ringing in my ears. a din compared to the silence that pervaded the testing room. i knew what it signaled. HE had arrived. HE with his entourage was patrolling the campus...looking for me. i was the only one to stop HIM and HE knew it. my heart raced.
[carl shan]

thursday morning....
vaguely remember being drenched by the realization of being awake and water on my face. the fire alarm... the fires raging, my cigarette had done it again.
[Arun Cherian]

it's amazing how people think that alarm can protect their material things. alarm in cars, hi-tech alarm system in homes. well, they don't! most of the time it just wakes up the whole neighbourhood or ppl would just think the car alarm goes off bcoz of some tech prob. nobody cares.
[manggis selambak]

panic, im late for work, have to rush, shower, eat breakfasst, get dressed, rush through traffic, almost get into 3 accidents, get to work park......manager's not there

a sound made, usually from a clock, to wake you up in time for an appointment or other arrangement. it is also a warning signal for either, smoke, burglar's or even airraids this is to save lives and raise awareness.

im alarmed that the charming young girl from last night was harmed while crossing the street by the stoplight its not right but the fright she incurred is absurd it makes me feel afraid like a sheep drawn from the herd... so i prayed.

cloudy nights
love and loss
and dangerous knights
happily she adventured

and the alarm went off

His hand slipped just one millimeter and it passed through one of the invisible lasers. The alarm started blaring like one of those ancient air raid warnings, and security guards poured out from all the surrounding doors. The thief had surely been caught. Or had he?

no prizes for guessing which one is mine! ok, go on. give it a go. today's word is... i'll go find out!


Arin said...

urs yang danish360? ke?cam gaya syigim je yg tulis.. :)

paij188 said...

cool! definitely will try lah.. i like writing too.. as much as reading.

Syigim said...

>> kak arin, syigim manggis selambak la hihi..

>> fairus, then try it out if da boring sgt tu.. hihi.. have u ever tried writing short stories? ;)

paij188 said...

short stories writing? love it!! I ni imaginasi tinggi, beside berangan baca novel ke ape ke.. writing short stories is what I do. glad you introduce this web to me, bole polish my typing skill.. almaklumla, 3 thn dah x keje. Klu kat ofis dulu jd P.A ni ade je yg kena taip and dictate.

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