Thursday, June 11, 2009

Monsters, Aliens and The Police

first up, happy sweet sixteen to my niece (my cousin's daughter) khadija. hope to see you and mommy when i come back this july! suruh nek keh masak lauk kampung sedap-sedap okay! happy birthday again!

alrite, now that we've got that outta the way, looks like syigim is attacking 3 new movies - a thriller-drama, action-packed movie and an animated feature.

* * *

have you ever pissed someone off, that you'd wish you'd never pissed 'em off in the first place? ow man, this is neighbourly dispute getting out of hand. way out of hand!

was he a racist against his mix-race-married-couple next door? jealous of their display of intimacy? envious, since he had lost his wife? protecting his children against the public display of affections of this neighbour, the young couple?

he hated the new neighbour. and did everything in his power to make them want to leave. verbally, psychologically and physically. it's like, ow man - orang macam ni pun ade ke?! just when you think it couldn't get worse, it did - taking a violent turn in the end.

neighbours can help when in need. but there are neighbours to be wary off. some sincere in knowing, and some chat you up just so they could get some dirt for the day. we all learn that from desperate housewives, don't we? *wink*

* * *

i don't like that scene. that scene where bad cop takes baby from crying mommy, puts baby on the table, grabs a hot iron, and threatens father of baby for information. baby is left unhurt since father of baby spills all.

there's violence for art, and there's just plain sickening scenes. and that is one them. regardless, mr. khairul enjoyed the movie. me? i just like watching edward norton. and i'm glad he plays the good guy...

it's a pretty well-executed movie despite it's unoriginal theme of 'good cop - bad cop' and the conspiracy within - but what makes it more interesting is that the cops are brothers. are you gonna put honor of the force above brotherhood? or trade your badge for your own flesh and blood?

watch this only if you're into movies about bad cop vs good cop. otherwise, pick up 'training day' instead because nobody plays bad cop as cool-bad-ass as the dashing denzel washington. and at least he's funny too.

* * *

i've been wanting to see this movie since i first found out! the idea is hillarious and bound to excite! monsters? fighting the aliens? for the human race? cute!

i mean, anything can happen! we have 5 weird monsters against an octopus-like alien. bob the blob, link the 'missing link', dr. cockroach and suuuuuusan! they're so cute! i had great laughs watching this one, since madagascar II.

i've always loved reese witherspoon's voice and accent. it's so cutesy cartoonish but not to the point of annoying. when i watched her voicing susan, i wondered why it took her this long to get involved doing voices for cartoon characters. she's perfectly adorable!

* * *

call me ketinggalan but i stil haven't seen 'night at the museum'! shh! haip, jangan cerita! and i can't wait to watch 'the soloist' too starring jamie foxx and robert downey jr. also in my must-watch list are zack effron's '17 again' and the rock's 'race to witch mountain'. i want! i want! i want!


paij188 said...

hahahha.. syigim.. we have the same taste and opinions in movies.
p.s. download all this movies pakai ape ye...? (en.fadzil my dear hubby suruh tanye)

mama danial said...

bebeh, should watch night at the museum dulu laaa...even Danial enjoyed himself kat TGV KLCC...memang berbaloi!!!

*bom power...!*

adik comel la sape lagi said...

best kan citer monsters vs aliens tu...haha bwk sufiya dia tido lak...(mungkin ikut makyong dia kottt)....

Jiji said...

oh dear i dont even remember when was the last time i hit to the cinema.

Syigim said...

>> fairus, nanti i kasi msg kat fb ye psl download tu.. hihi ;)

>> kak wawa... i want!!!! hopefully still playin when i'm back in msia

>> adik comel mane ni? khaleef masa umur2 cuya pun tgk movie halfway je.. then lepas minum milk tido..

>> jiji, my last cinema movie was madagascar II right befre deliver kahfi! with a baby now i donlod je.. hihi..

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