Thursday, June 18, 2009

Borak Sama Atuk

usual morning routine for the boys includes breakfast, bath time, do some reading exercise, lepas tu aktiviti bebas. haha. or, in khaleef's own words, "..makan, mandi, read book, main game!!!"

aktiviti bebas kegemaran khaleef:

  1. play x-box
  2. play x-box
  3. play x-box
  4. toy (which means rumaging through his toy box filled with happy meal toys from mcd)
  5. tiew (which means dubai cartoon channel which has this sound whenever the cartoon goes into commercial time. favs include shaun the sheep, peep, chirp & quack, handy manny, and thomas)

aktiviti bebas kegemaran kahfi:

  1. golek-golek
  2. exercising his bum bum muscles
  3. slobber all over a choice between his rattle, the remote and mak's handphone
  4. lying down, looking at his fingers while mumbling to himself

just this morning however, right after mr. khairul went off to work, and even before the boys had their bath, they webcam-ed with my abah in ipoh.

atuk, khaleef & kahfi

the first few minutes was just spent shouting, "atuk! atuk! atuk!" then with some reading cards with him, khaleef read to his atuk. loudly and excitedly.

"c a t - CAT! meow! b e e - BEE! s i t - SIT! atuk, khaleef sit! m a t - MAT! (pronounced the malay name mat instead of met) h i s - HIS! n o t - NOT! t r e e - TREE. green tree! b a t - BAT! s e e - SEE. what can you see? atuk! i can see atuk!"

after that, the webcam session was just 'wasted' on loud singing by khaleef after a song-request from my abah. he sang ABC (kahfi's favorite) and happy birthday song. siap dengan tiup lilin lepas lagu habis.

later on, their auntie da also had the *pleasure* of seeing khaleef read his cards! you're so lucky, auntie da. haha.

for the rest, wait for our return home soon! then khaleef can read to you too!


paij188 said...

kite kat rumah also spend a lot of time YM video call with my parents,(never with my in-laws, jangan contohi)and at that time my eldest sibuk nk show off her new skills, toys and whatever, both my parents x sabar nak jumpa Falisha for the 1st time.

cikyah75 said...

salam. hi syigim. this is cikyah. ur boys are very, very cute! guess what? my soulmate aka Tukang Makan's name is Khairul too! What a coincidence kan? Seems that u really enjoy life in Dubai. Iread ur profile n it stated Education so I assume, u r a teacher/lecturer?

Syigim said...

>> fairus, kadang2 khaleef kalo webcam ngan cousin2 boys dia, diorang pun tunjuk la ben10 watch le.. wallet power rangers la.. thanks to tech kan fairus!

>> hi cikyah.. yah, the name is common.. cuma pangkal tu lain2.. but his name is simply just 'khairul', tu yg dia nk anak2 dia nama sebijik2 je. hihi.

yah i was a lecturer before, then i was involved in early education, which i like better! :))

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