Monday, June 8, 2009

Sambal Belacan Syigim : 1st Try!

your mission, should you choose to accept, is to learn how to make sambal belacan, or dried shrimp chilli paste. you must google, interview, ask around, and investigate the best, simplest way to make sambal belacan. we will deny any knowledge of this confrontation should you be captured for harboring a smelly belacan in your dubai marina apartment. this message will self-destruct in 5 seconds...

* * *

sambal belacan is one of the most popular malaysian dips, which can be eaten with rice and any lauk or ulam. a must-have malay condiments to whet the appetite. some can't eat without it! being married to a man whose makan motto is 'the spicier the better', i push myself to learn to cook spicy lauk, and now this!

jangan gelak okay! yah yah, i know most of you ladies out there can make sambal belacan with both eyes closed! but i really did not know how to make a sambal belacan before this. so i'm really proud of myself when i got to know that it's really not that difficult to assemble the ingredients and whipped yourself a fiery good sambal belacan!

the belacan is supposed to be 'roasted' or 'toasted' - i remember my mak used to 'toast' belacan using an old toaster, and she forbid us to use that toaster for anything else because of the smell that has envelope the entire toaster! but some say it's fine even if it's not. okay.

i googled. called a few otais. facebooked my misery. and this is the result! yay me! korang pun cakap lah yay!

* * *

here goes - syigim's sambal belacan (hot dried shrimp chilli paste).

  • red hot chilli
  • bird's eye chilli
  • garlic
  • shallots
  • dried shrimp paste (belacan) - preferably roasted
  • salt
  • oil
  • lime squeeze
  • tamarind juice (air asam)

i can't really tell you how many this or that. main campak-campak aje. hihi.

* * *

fry all chillies and shallots in 1-2 minutes or until the aroma reaches your nose. drain and place in mortar to be pounded mercilessly! (cue evil laughter).

* * *

pound fried chillies, onions and shallots until they're friendly with each other, or orang melayu kata, mesra! while pounding, i was like, 'kilometres' away from the stone mortar while closing my eyes, opening it a little bit just to see if it's done. ha ha. masuk mata kang!

some grind these items together with the belacan, and some grind the chillies first, and then add in belacan. mane-mane pun ke lesung batu jugak bahan-bahan tu, kan!

* * *

when everything started to mesh together and the color soon became brownish with a hint of red here and there, i was so excited. squeeze in the lime juice and it's ready! mix well, and serve!

hey, for the first time i made my own sambal belacan!

mr. khairul's verdict : cedok. makan. rasa. diam.

then, "power...power..."

yay! mission accomplished!

* * *

thanks to these responses in my facebook. i made it! :)


Yuslinda said...

bravo..bravo...wah terror lah,kak linda buat sambal belacan pakai blender je,tak beli lesung batu lagi...

nekPP said...

bravooooooooo..terlior nekpp ;p;p

paij188 said...

Yay, syigim! samalah cara kite buat sambal belacan.. itu style Jawa tau. memg that way lah the best sambal belacan ever! At least the cili is cooked so that taklah menyegat sgt pedasnya. One more yay, for you.

Silent Scribbler said...

Wow... looks delish. there's nothing better right than pleasing hubby's palate. He he he he. Write more on your cooking adventures pls.

FiDa@aMiDa said...


syabas!! fida pon tak pandai lagi buat sambal belacan

Mama Safiyyah said...

waaaaa.....minah sneakers ni buat sambal belacan....hehehehe sorry syigim....but u'll always be our gadis sneakers berbaju kurung.... take care dear!

Syigim said...

kak linda, thanks! lesung batu tu my mom-in-law bwh dr msia when she came during my pantang hihi..


thanks nekPP.. lepas ni nk tgk sambal belacan nekPP plak.. ;)


fairus, thanks for d 'yay'! mmg excited sgt first time brjaya buat. ye ke style jawa tu? mmg main ikut je resipi kat net. :)


Syigim said...

thanks aisha! you got dat right! but alhamdulillah mr. k not that cerewet & saba with me yg br nk blaja masak ni. an adventure? indeed!!!


thanks fida! ye ke? leganye denga fida yg terre masak2 n bake2 ni pun xbiase buat lagi.. hihi ;)


hey yeeeeeeen! so nice to see u here!!! thanks for droppin by! i link ur blog to mine k? and yes, the girl with sneakers + baju kurung is still here la, somewhere in this mom of 2! ;)

Mohd Abdillah said...

reminds me of our cooking session back then. haha.
the entry sounds so familiar.

thumbs up for the sambalbelacan!

mother of two said...

lesung batu siap ader tanda harga lagi or no.siri. sure tak hilang:)

Syigim said...

dolah, thanks for the thumbs up! yah who could forget our sunday cooking sessions! ;)


sheila, tu la! klaka. hilang klasik lesung batu tu! ;)

nazira =) said...

hmmm menyelerakan....

kite dengar ape komen tokcik.

yatizain said...

First time saya lihat sambal belacan yang letak shallot and garlic + perlu digoreng dahulu. Should try it for my husband that also loveeeeee spicy food :). Thank u for sharing with us.

Syigim said...

azot! mesti la sedapppp & approve by tokcik haha.. balik taiping nanti suh tokcik try..


yatizain, i ikut resipi kat net je. hihi. terjumpa yg kena goreng dulu. :) yes, pls try. mmg power! hihi..

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