Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Ring, A Cake, A Concert & The Crown Prince

the ring, the cake, the concert and the crown prince - seem like ingredients for a modern fairy tale, huh? actually the ring is for my gal pal haida, the cake is for my cousin umar, the concert is one that i will be missing and the crown prince is one whom mr. khairul met last week.

what's the whole story?

* * *

haida will be haida - even with an engagement ring she's still spunky as ever!

been noticing a lot of weddings and engagement going on on this date - 060609. my spunky colleague back in puchong - haida also got engaged on this date. we've only known each other for the times and years we worked together, but i always felt we can get along very well, especially the heart to heart talk. this july you spill all, ok!

i am so glad that she finally found love in the form of 'papa bear' nik muhammad hafiz. he must be some guy, for i know haida is a tough nut to crack! i wish she'll have her wedding in july so that i could attend, but not too soon, she says. well, may your fiance and you sail the engagement boat with patience and understanding (beware : darah muda!), till the wedding kompang comes!

owh, and with the whole gorgeous princess-y do, i really think you look a bit like tiara jacquelina lah! congrats on the engagement, dear!

* * *

khaleef & his uncle umar

a chocolate cake for my cousin umar abdul aziz on his birthday today! umar is the son of my mak's youngest sister. quiet in his own curious way, he surprised yong and i when he senyap-senyap belanja his nephews - haiqal, haqeem and khaleef mcd nuggets, when we went there right before i flew to dubai. and he bought 'em with his duit raya...


happy birthday, umar!

p/s: another yummy cake wish also goes out to the msian dubai consulate general's wife, kak sarah who celebrates her birthday today! cheers! ape hadiah from tuan syed? ;)

* * *

lelaki ini yang aku mahu saksikan dalam konsert julai ini!

i have such a huge, huge crush on anuar zain (you're still numero uno, honey!). i've met him a couple of times, including sitting right in front of him at a hotlink gig (gasp!) he's a real darling in person, polite and humble with his fans. and that smile, (melt!) and the voice (swoon!) that captivate his fans everywhere are second to none. sigh!

yes, some of you might already know i'll be flying back to malaysia tanah tumpah darahku in july, but i'll be missing the concert then. his first, full-fledge concert to be held at istana budaya, no less - my old theater haunt! aw, shucks..!

* * *

mr. khairul, mr. haiqal, mr. razak, mr. hakim, dato yahaya & tuan syed hasrin - h.h sheikh saud in inset

mr. khairul joined malaysian delegates, headed by our own dubai ambassador, dato' yahaya abdul jabar to ras al-khaimah, another one of 7 emirates in the uae, for an official visit. also there was our consulate general, tuan syed hasrin.

i heard their entourage was even flanked by police cars and superbikes, leading them up to the palace and the club where they had lunch! classy!

at the palace, the delegates had an audience with H.H Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, the Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah. i don't think mr. khairul had even been this close to other royalties and sultans back in malaysia - except perhaps the dashing Sultan Azlan Shah who's a mcob?

oh, well - for more detail, read all about it in the my-uae times here.

* * *

hey, wonder whether i'll get a pearl ring, a cheese cake, and my own prince charming, khairul serenading me the song 'lelaki ini' in a private concert? this 24th? hmm?

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