Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthmonth, June Babies!

warning : those NOT born in the month of june might experience a gag effect while reading this posting. heheh.

june is here!


besides surviving almost halfway through 2009, it's my birthday month! 24 days to go...

also celebrating their birthday this month is the dubai-malaysian consulate general's wife kak sarah on the 9th. my cousins umar also on the 9th, khadija the 11th, naya on the 27th and rini the 30th.

amazingly enough in my just10 gang, 3 of us share a string of birthdates - hani on the 23rd, me 24th and anneeza on the 25th. cool, eh?

another amazing fact - what do my colleague - spunky haida, mr. khairul's mckk batchmate moqq and i have in common? all three of us were born on the same date - the 24th! haida is younger, but moqq and i were even born on the same year. cheers! moqq, you lahir pukul berape, eh?

one of my bestest best buds shahrir also turns 30 this 12th. missing your stories, bro! sharing this date to blow candles is my bro-in-law lab rat din, who'll be welcoming his 2nd baby soon.

latest info : found out that bloggirl kak wawa's boy danial ammar was born on the 26th and yong's gal pal kak lala's girl chubby husna was born on the 27th! now isn't that adorable? in fact kak lala is also a june baby! yay! the more the merrier!

any more june babies?

* * *

for the curious junesters, you may be interested to know other fellow junesters all over the world -

marilyn monroe, morgan freeman, alanis morisette, wayne brady, angelina jolie, brian mcknight, mark wahlberg, liam neeson, anna kournikova, johnny depp, michael j. fox, elizabeth hurley, hugh laurie, mary-kate & ashley olsen, tim allen, william butler yeats, donald trump, helen hunt, courtney cox, paul mccartney, isabella rossellini, paula abdul, lionel richie, nicole kidman, meryl streep, freddie prinze, george orwell, chris o' donnel, helen keller, tobey maguire, john cusack and mike tyson.

..that goes to show that june babies are
  • undeniably gorgeous (angelina jolie, johnny depp),
  • exceedingly sexy (marilyn monroe, elizabeth hurley),
  • wonderfully funny and witty (wayne brady, hugh laurie),
  • awesomely talented (meryl streep, morgan freeman)
  • with amazing voice (lionel richie, brian mcknight) and
  • a creative genius (george orwell, author of one of my fav books 'animal farm').

err... however, also have the tendency to mengamuk (mike tyson), suffer from eating disorder (the olsen twins) but could possibly be really really rich too (donald trump)! hihi.

* * *

on a somewhat similar matter, and in no way intended to be a hint of any sort, but just for your information - june's birthstone is the glorious pearl.

hey, i'm just sayin..


liyana said...

ya ya ya what ever!

Syigim said...

december babies mmg high tendency to be jeles :P

Fazila said...

thanks syigim for mentioning my name and una's....

june babies really cool

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