Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kahfi's Guide to Pre-Crawling

hi and salam. i'm kahfi khairul and i'll be your coach today. as you all know, i've successfully rolled over. i could've done it sooner, but when you're an expert like i am, you don't need to rush into things.

i'm here to coach you on one of the most important phases in our life; learning how to crawl. but before we start to crawl, we need to prepare ourselves with the correct stance. i'm here to teach you the right steps!

pre-crawling is no easy task. it involves an intricate mechanism and outstanding motor skill to execute an excellent pre-crawl. that's where i come in. ekhem.

this fun (but serious) guide to pre-crawling is dedicated to fellow future crawlers - sis zara and caitlyn, cousin wafa, baby hannah and net, fellow just10 jrs munirah and pe'ah.

are you all ready? mommies, step aside, please. babies, take your pacifier out and let's begin.

1. puting your arms out is easy. just pretend you're reaching for daddy's expensive handphone or the remote control.

2. the parachute mode is a hoot! just make sure your arms don't touch the floor and you're good to go! a good balance is important for this task. this mode is basically to get you ready for the next step.

3. just pretend you're a lion in its prime, or a walrus waiting to be fed - you'll eventually get this effect. sigh. i love pretend game. (zara, nanti kita pretend kawen-kawen lah, eh? *wink*)

4. now this is the hard part. just focus all your strength in your bum-bum and you'll do fine. the force must be in your bum-bums! few good shrill shouts and screams of triumph are an excellent mix too while you're doing this.

got all that?

now that you know the steps to pre-crawl, have fun pursuing one step closer to the actual crawling! of eating weird stuff off the floor, breaking things, chasing cockroaches and hiding from mommy under the table!

and don't push yourself too hard. if mommy or daddy give you a hard time being too ambitious of keeping up with the joneses; boys - just *shoot* while they're changing your diaper! girls, temper tantrum is the word! - you know what weapons work!

good luck and may the force be with you (and your bums)!


paij188 said...

falisha can use this guide in a few months more as now she can only lie on her back and sucking her thumb. hehehe..

Arin said...

hehe..paling best time ni , tgk kai bebudak nih kejung je ..cute..yeh..pas nih sama 2 kit amengejar bebudak nih dah ntah ke mana2.tuh lom merangkak betul..penin den!

mother of two said...

sekejap ajer masa berlalu..masa mula jumpa masih dlm perut...:)~

rajin2 exercise wokey

Syigim said...

fairus, bole anta falisha gi class kahfi ok ;) kalo awek, kahfi bole ajar for free hihi

zara jgn jeles! hihi...lagipun zara dah terer, ye maknye zara.. ;)

tu laaa sheila sonok la angels dia da besa2 bole suh gi kedai beli kicap.. :)

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