Friday, May 15, 2009

Malaysian Food Bazaar

it was my first 'bazaar' in dubai. wives of malaysian agencies' (dubai) officers opened up stalls selling yummies from nasi kerabu, bihun sup to puding mangga! tapai pulut pun ada!

held at the spacious lawn of the consul general's residence, tuan syed and madam sara opened their home for malaysians to have a taste of what's missing from our home country - mengubat rindu pada masakan malaysia!

saw busy bee fida first at her stall selling homemade hotdog bun - so soft and oven-fresh! definitely makes me wanna get a spankin new bread maker! as usual, it's always nice to see familiar faces in the crowd. smile!

spotted a ramlee burger stall at a corner with vice consuls haikal and faizal at the helm - flipping burgers, making egg benjos and wrapping up burgers like professionals! too bad the orders were piling up (good for them, too bad for me) so tak dapat lah makan ramlee burger..

at the far end, a kuali was ready to fry goreng pisang - fried by no less than the consul argiculture! this was too irresistable!

malaysian ambassador to UAE, dato' yahya was also there to join in the makan-makan fesitivities. our very own consul general, tuan syed, looking so lepak was seen chatting amidst the hustle and bustle of malaysians buying food.


khaleef ate the hotdog bun from fida's stall and then went straight to playing. this super-cutie kept him occupied while bapak socialized and mak looking for more munchies.

the game was simple - tarik pelepah kelapa sama-sama, pehtu lepas. gelak. tarik lagi. lepas. gelak lagi. tarik kuat-kuat tengok siapa dapat tarik paling lama. gelak lagi.

khaleef, oo khaleef. pandai cari playmate, eh? *wink*

hey, where's kahfi?

i'm sure you've noticed i'm having some sort of a sash across my chest - i was sporting the hotsling, snail-mailed from my just10 buddy anneeza, especially for kahfi. thanks, dear!

it's a baby gear that provides a nestled feeling for the baby - rightly so, for kahfi was sleeping snugly inside the hotsling the entire time i was at the bazaar! yay, it's kahfi-approved!

well, we spent less than an hour there, but a good hour it was. fun friends and food close to home - what more could you ask for when living abroad? owh, i didn't see my lepat pisang...


mother of two said...

ngat awak pun join sama bukak gerai... tapi terlupa plak ader adik baby... takpe next time nak rasa lepat pisang tu yer..... :)~

FiDa@aMiDa said...

next time syiqim kena join gak hehehhe...nanti minta satu gambar fida tu nak copy paste kat my blog..thanks :)

paij188 said...

syoknyer.. mcm2 ade..

Syigim said...

sheila, nk bukak jugak gerai tapi nanti gerai org lain xdpt sambutan la...suma serbu gerai i! :P hihi

fida, insyaAllah nxt time i join kasi lagi meriah!

umi tini..ade dtg ke..kalo nmpak saya, tegur la..kalo2 saya xperasan :)

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