Monday, May 18, 2009

Abang and Adik

look ma!
look at me!

one fine afternoon. lunch as usual. khaleef munching very quick and very loud. munch munch munch. nyum nyum nyum.

mak : khaleef, slowly!
khaleef : okay.
mak : nah. one more. (while feeding him another spoonful of rice).
khaleef : wait, mak! (opens his mouth, showing some remnants of munched rice). s l o w l y.
mak : (waited patiently for him to munch. khaleef exaggerated his slowness in munching)
khaleef : mak, s l o w l y. sllloooowwwwlyyyy.

and then khaleef made snoring sound while closing his eyes. konon lembab sangat dia kena kunyah sampai tertido!

naughty boy!

* * *

kahfi, on the other hand, became a star kid today!

he finally rolled over on his own! (after much huffing and puffing) yay! i'm so proud of you, little dude! now can you just do the exact same thing again, now in slo mo so that mak can capture this shining moment on video?

* * *

khaleef's game to pacify kahfi.

khaleef : eh, where's chicken? mak, where's chicken? kahfi, where's chicken? pok pok pok (bunyi chicken) there you are, chicken!

kahfi akan gelak gile.

i still don't get it. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

am entertained wiv this entry! lol...thnx fr updating the cheeky news of ur 2 sons! made my had a long and unproductive day...

esp tang ayam tu...pok pok cute! rindu khaleef!

Anonymous said...

Dr House in the making perhaps???? Heh... Lawak sungguh anak kamu.

Syigim said...

anon - niraku, is that you? how many times do i have to tell you to leave a name?! ish. ngade!

ziah - hihi. the darnest things kids do and say, huh? ;)

Anonymous said...

sadap u:P if u knw me..u knw who i am!!!!!


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