Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Knowing Ur an Inkheart in the Twilight

syigim hits the movies again! this time with the drama-mystery 'knowing', fantasy adventure tale of 'inkheart' and teen-horror, 'twilight'.

* * *

i like nicolas cage. i think he's one of those rare actors who will choose a good movie to act in. hey, if it stars nicolas cage, it must be pretty decent! (tom hanks, johnny depp, robin williams fall in this category). this one was pretty okay. if you like aliens-themed movies.

the story starts when a girl wrote random numbers in random sequence and put it in a time capsule for the school. zoom 50 years later, the time capsule is unearthed and nicolas cage's son got hold of the paper with numbers - and nicolas cage's character discovered that the series of numbers are not random after all - but are dates of huge natural disasters and major accidents with number of people killed, happening in the last 50 years or so. the numbers even predict a future catastrophy...

uuUuuu. chilling.

until you get to the part with the aliens. you know what, after x-files, there are absolutely no cooler tv show or movies about alien anymore. not yet, at least. and when the dad says goodbye to his son going off on the spaceship - i can't help reminscing a scene from E.T. which made the supposedly touching scene looked over-done. sorry, nick.

if you really wanna watch a good movie about aliens, watch 'the abyss'. movie lama. excellent.

* * *

inkheart is my new favourite movie of all time.

do you love books? dream about the characters? and read so slow because you want to imagine how pi look like after those long days at the sea, or how lovely hermione granger really is or whether romeo montague is worth drinking poison for? than you gotta watch inkheart!

boasting the tagline 'every story ever written is just waiting to become real', the whole idea of the movie fascinates me. brendan fraser's character 'mo' is an inkheart - a person who is able to bring out characters from storybooks to real life. unfortunately, when he reads one character out, one from real life goes into the book! and his problem starts when he reads out a villain and sends his wife into the book instead!


it's an adventure from then on. i really like brendan fraser too - he's one of those actors who are handsome, yet doesn't mind being really goofy, like brad pitt and johnny depp certainly can.

man, i used to look for pictures of cute actors and paste 'em in my books so that i can imagine them acting out the parts in the story book. sigh. if only i were an inkheart...

* * *


it's like being forced to endure a movie-length episode of buffy the vampire slayer slash dawson creek slash gossip girl. i don't understand why this movie is such a hit! but i guess it's the same reason why high school musical is such a biggie. even so, at least high skool musical is entertaining!

i can't even begin to describe the amount of scenes that are supremely lacking in intelligence, to put it rather mildly. sure, the main lead looks awesomely hot and beautiful but it doesn't help when they keep spewing bad lines. the script is tacky! corny! i really want to pick up the book to see whether it's really the author's fault or the movie people adapted it badly!

man, i guess this is how it feels like to hate harry potter movies. when you just don't get the hype, you just don't get the hype!

sigh. gimme 'interview with the vampire' anytime...

* * *

ok before twilight fans started shooting brickbats my side, i've gotten worse comments about MY favorite movie, 'shakespeare in love' okay! get over it. (maybe i haven't ha ha) anyway, i'm anxiously waiting for '17 again', 'monsters vs alien' and 'watchmen'. watch this space!


paij188 said...

syigim, is this movie on DVD al ready?

The movie 'Knowing' is awesome, but pity I can't go and watch coz at that time I'm still in 'pantang' so xleh le nengok.

But those two you mentioned I sempat tgk sebelum bersalin. Awesome!! Happened to be my personal favourite too.

ziah cullen said...

I LOVEEEE inkheart... Twilight, not so much also. I'm just in love with the Edward dude. Not the story. The book is much better...

Syigim said...

ummi tini...download je :P for me the last movie yg tgk kat cinema was madagascar 2.. tunggu baby besa sket :)

ziah..edward cullen is super hot..but sayang citer tu too amateurish :P i'll try check out d book ;)

Anonymous said...

yeah if i have that power, i'm gonna read playmate..

hope miss jan09 comes alive!


(okay okay..what do you want for anniversary gift?)

Syigim said...


(i just want YOU!)


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