Sunday, May 24, 2009

Soaking in the Summer Sun

the summer is upon us dwellers of the arab land. it did hit about 54 degrees one afternoon, but today it was just as warm as a typical malaysian noon. the weather was great.

so, it is time to embrace the brilliant blue and the golden orange! the sea and the sun!

kahfi getting cozy in the shade on the picnic mat

first, we set up camp. spread the picnic mat, settle down the picnic bag, lay down the yummies and open up the umbrella. we're all set! i packed some leftovers - morning bihun goreng, last night's domino's pizza and brownies i baked yesterday. after a cool swim, anything's good to eat.

kahfi seemed comfortable rolling in the shade, fascinated by the bananas. he didn't mengamuk at all. true blue beach boy!

the beach was teeming with people - not packed, yet festive. not too crowded, not too deserted. there was a nice comfort zone between picnic mats and lied-down towels and we were loving the company and privacy all at once.

anak bapak fun-under-the-sun time

to me, being at the beach is like a holiday getaway - a place you go to after hours of driving, with a hotel-stay and moments to really cherish, rare as they were. so you can see how wonderful it is for me now to be living just a walk from the beach! macam tak percaya! we can go to the beach at a moment's notice!

however, being a penang boy, born and bred, beach action is nothing seldom to mr. khairul. he loves the beach, no question coz it's all in a day's life to him!

ouch! pasir masuk mata!

khaleef, as usual goes crazy over water - aquariums, pools, fountains, rivers, beaches - even a full bath-tub! so he had a blast!

and of course, a must-do activity - main pasir! he's not even making anything. no sandcastle. not even a sand bump. he's just, plain and simple - playing with the grain of sand.

the sea-water was a fusion of gorgeous green and translucent blue. beautiful! and most importantly, it's clean! also, after being baked out under the summer sun, it's so soothing to dip your feet in the cool, cool water.

with khaleef strapped around his neck, mr. khairul brought him far out into the sea. careful, boys!

lovely shells lined the shores, bringing back memories of holidays in lumut and pangkor with abah, mak and my sisters - picking up sea-shells was a must!

kahfi had a ball of a time at the beach! can't wait for little patter of feet going off to chase the waves! (yeah right, when he starts running here and there, you'd wish he'd stay put!)

mr. khairul chillin out, with just a small part of the jumeirah beach residence in the background

jumeirah beach is opposite the imposing jumeirah beach residence. the ground floor of these apartment buildings is 'the walk', with restaurants, cafes and boutique.

in front of the stretch of 'the walk' is a huge parking lot overlooking the beach. however, cars can opt to drive through a narrow opening between bunting poles along the beach and drive straight to the beach, which was what we did - senang nak ambik and simpan barang and easier to change after a dip in the water.

we wanted to go off already but seeing that kahfi tak mengamuk, we decided to stay and enjoy the sunset along the arabian gulf.

quite a romantic affair for us both, *smile* and a fascinating view for khaleef, "sun is going down!" sigh! the beauty of Allah's creation!

the boys enjoyed a brotherly fun time while waiting for the sun to set. khaleef busy burying his legs while kahfi looked on, fascinated with the mechanism of dipping deep into the sand using a sea-shell, taking some sand and then dumping it onto legs. wow.

"i'm gonna try that out!" while kicking his feet excitedly against the sand.

once a while, khaleef would stop mid-way to explain to kahfi what he's doing. that's what brothers are for!

the sun.
the sea.
the fun.
the glee.
my family.

no place i'd rather be!


Arin said...

waduh..seronotnye kat pantai..depan umah kak arin, pantai nye dah di tambak..hampes!

Baba dah Separuh Abad said...

how come you are not in any of the photos?
simple conclusion.... you must be wearing a bikini hahaha!

Syigim said...

kak arin..mmg best sgt duk walkin distance from pantai.. ;)

excellent deduction, uncle moslim! :P

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