Monday, May 25, 2009

Takin it Ez @ Bob's Easy Diner

after a cool dip in the salty waters of the sea, a hot meal is always welcome! a good walk from the jumeirah beach and you'd be in 'the marina walk' where cafes and restaurants - from fast food to semi-fine dining - lined the ground floor of the jumeirah beach residence.

our choice is usually hardee's or the pizza company but one fine weekend evening we decided to try someplace new - so off we went to 'bob's easy diner'.

as described in its official website, a step into bob's easy diner is a step into the classic feel of a 50's diner, ya know like in those citer omputeh where the characters go on a cheesy date, the guy with his shirt buttoned up to the top and hair all greasy, and the girl in flair knee length skirt - gettin' a plain 'ol cheeseburger with fries on the side and a big glass of milkshake with two straws. sweet!

i must say even the black and white wallpaper gives it the 50's feel. love it!

"for all you nostalgic diners out there, here is a time machine to take you back to the good old days! back to the neon lights..and the fabulous 50's!

bob's easy diner is a fun 50's-style diner...with a light-hearted sit-at-the-counter kind of meal."

~ from the official website. click here for more on this funky diner!

the decor says it all. rockin' rollin' time! i can almost imagine archie, betty, jughead, veronica and reggie hangin out here after school. the funky lamps, the red leather seats, the metal tables - i love the feel of going back in time, or perhaps i'm just a sucker for themed restaurants!

yellow gas pump to cool sangat!

on the wall you can read funny, catchy phrases up to the ceiling, plus on metal plates hung all over some parts of the walls.

"eat here. diet at home."

"ain't no finer diner."

"if it doesn't make you proud, don't serve it to the crowd"

at least you've got something to read while waiting for your order to come!

speaking of order, the dish on the menu is similar to chili's or tgif - content as well as price-wise. buffalo wings, steaks, burgers and such - nothing so wow. we were just tryin out the food so we picked what we're familiar with - for me, a cheeseburger with fries and coleslaw on the side, and for mr. khairul, the bbq chicken wings.

classic meal, for a classic time at this funky diner!

the meals were really simple - wadaya expect - it's an easy diner! but a cheeseburger is a cheeseburger and i am a big fan. in fact i prefer this one over a cheeseburger meal at tgif or chilli's coz here it's served with coleslaw - and everyone knows i'm cwazee over coleslaw too!

it's pricey for a simple meal, but once in a while, when you feel like stepping into days when having sideburns is cool and elvis is still king - go to bob's easy diner!

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FiDa@aMiDa said...

thanks for sharing...menarik tempat tu :) buat liputan lagi ya restaurant yg menarik area dubai marina tu nanti senang nak cari :)

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