Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wanna Follow Me on Twitter?

what is twitter?

unlike facebook with all the status updates, wall messagings, photo comments, applications, poke or hug people and sending nasi lemak or choc fudge - when you twitter, you 'communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question' -

"what are you doing?"

unlike in facebook where people we 'add' becomes our 'facebook friends', in twitter, we 'follow' one another. ok, this is in no way a cult or an underground movement. clear on that? by 'following' simply means we wanna follow the latest happenings on someone's life. so on one upper side column there are :

'following' - people whose updates i wanna know
'followers' - people who wanna know my updates
and 'updates' - well, goes without saying, this is exactly like the status updates on facebook

* * *

i heard about this 'twitter' thingy before but had no clue what it was. so when i first started 'twittering' after an invitation by put the lawyer, i was like, "this is IT? status update je? baik guna facebook, status updates and more! and if you wanna quick exchange, chat kat ym je lah!"

but hey, it's fun to have another feather in the networking cap.

it seemed twitter is more suitable for those on the go, with wifi luxury at the palm of their hands even as they drive or in the toilet! (honey you should get in on this twitter thing with your omnia!) they can just twitter thru their handphones with a quick status update!

wanna join in the fun? click here --->

..and then you can follow me...

and after that you can take it a step further by placing twitter on your own desktop so that you can catch the lates updates of your friends and family right there and then without having to go to the webpage. get it here.

erm, if you ask me, current fulltime housewife mom with all the time in the world? gimme facebook anytime, anyday. i'll leave the twittering to mr. khairul...

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